Dear Docker Update, you are terrible.

This is a vent rant against Docker Update.

1. Docker Update has a reputation of introducing bugs, so by now a lot of developers are hesitant to update Docker.
2. On Big Sur, when you haven't updated, Docker will frequently pop up a modal randomly that interrupts whatever you are doing stating Docker needs an update. Even if you're typing something, your focus is suddenly interrupted to this modal.
3. The modal is broken. The Update Later button just hangs and doesn't even do something. The only way to close it is with the window close button, and even this hangs.

What on Earth.

11 thoughts on “Dear Docker Update, you are terrible.”

  1. I wanted to play with docker for self study on a mac. I was disappointed that the only accessible way to download the software was to download a full desktop application. I was very annoyed when I received obtrusive popups to update the app every couple of weeks.

    This seems like the sort of intrusive UI that kills adoption of otherwise great software.

  2. I’m still trying to understand why would anyone think that allowing modal popups to steal focus from other software randomly was a good idea, on any software, ever…

  3. As a full time Linux user, serious question…

    If on Mac or Windows, would it perhaps not be better/easier to run Docker from a Linux VM?

  4. And it usually crashes midway through so I get to start docker and try again. It feels like starting an old weed wacker the first time in the spring. You get excited when it starts and works then it dies so you get to retry.


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