Firefox has got to be the best browser.

The only reason Chrome’s in the lead is because it’s by Google, something the whole world is familiar with. Let’s face it, if somebody catches you using any other browser, the odds of you being called “weird” or “not normal” aren’t far-fetched. In comparison though, Firefox has got to be the best browser overall by a longshot. You cannot do half of the things you can do on Firefox on Chrome. Not to mention, in my own personal experience, I don’t think Chrome is any faster. My fastest browsing experiences came from Firefox by far.

I find the extensions in it to be a lot more useful, the image scaling quality in it is better, you can create separate containers for multiple accounts you may have for any website, it’s customizable in every sort of way, the list just goes on, really... and don’t get me wrong, I suppose if you don’t really need, use, or notice any of that stuff... then Chrome is all you need, but I feel like if more people knew you could do the stuff Firefox is capable of, then it would be in the lead by a longshot.

Just my opinion and thought I’d share.

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  1. quite convincing, Firefox is a great browser. But there is one typo:

    “feel like if more people knew you could do the stuff **Vivaldi** is capable of, then it would be in the lead by a longshot.”

  2. Hey don’t share your opinion some brave and edge people would try to suppress you, and if someone downvoters them they would post a rant about how firefox community is so toxic.

  3. I totally agree with you. I don’t know how people can’t see that.
    I think this is due to the influence of misinformed people. I, for example, have already received “advice” from people I know do not understand much about it, telling me to use the “Google browser” because it was the best and still could not tell me why.
    I’d give you an award for the post, but I don’t have it. Sorry kkk

  4. Not like ff is an unknown. They had something like 40% market share not all that long ago. They threw it away.

    You like it now? Great. Don’t worry they will make ill-advised changes soon enough that will drive you away…just like everyone else.

  5. if something is actually good , people will get to know it and use it .

    like “brave” and “Edge” that gaining huge amount of users daily. unlike FF that losing users.

    so you don’t need to worry about things like this.

  6. Firefox is slow but it has the best image scaling.

    The difference is so huge that it’s what keeps me from using a Chromium browser.

  7. I like firefox because no other browser I know has a feature I’ve relied on for 20 years, the bookmark sidebar. Actually you can create one in chrome or edge, but they’re auto-hide with a hot zone. I’m used to a permanent, static left-docked sidebar. I’m not interested in any browser without it.

  8. Firefox was the best browser, but Mozilla stopped developing it in 2017 so now it’s left behind with the web platform support

    Quantum, the browser they are developing currently, is almost as worthless as Chromium

  9. I have been using Firefox since 3.5. There was a pretty long period of time where FF was borderline unusable. Like straight up crashing in stock form even. It was so bad I had to learn how to download older versions and make sure it would never auto update. I’m pretty sure that alone cause anyone familiar with it to leave and never come back.

  10. I agree about the benefits of Firefox, but I recently switched from Firefox to Brave. I found that I really like Chromium.

    The best thing about Brave is the simplicity and how user friendly it is. If I were trying to convert someone to a privacy-focused browser, I’d tell them to use Brave.

    I think Firefox is too intimidating for the average user. I used it for a year and still had to spend time looking around the menus to find stuff.

  11. Yeah, no.

    Tried it and it couldn’t even load homepage for my google docs, and individual docs had a typing delay. Google sabotage? idk doesn’t matter. Point is, it’s not the best for my use-case as someone that doesn’t care too much about privacy.

    I believe resources used (CPU) were also higher compared to my previous browser (Edge)

    Not to mention, firefox even got the []( treatment while Edge was at default stuff, and bloated with addons and a year or 2 of use

    Pretty short-sighted of you to sum up Chrome users as normies that don’t know what’s good when in reality they’re using good stuff in the first place. Yes, they should switch to a slower browser for additional privacy they actually don’t care about

    TL;DR: Overhyped cuz of higher privacy, so for anyone that doesn’t care about privacy, there are much better options.


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