SlickStack Tutorial: WordPress on Nginx w/ FastCGI cache

This tutorial shows you how to install WordPress with SlickStack (Enable Nginx FastCGI Cache).


In this tutorial, i use Cloudflare DNS for my DNS provider (Note: Before install SlickStack, you should had activated CloudFlare for your domain)

SlickStack created by LittleBizzy, it is a free LEMP stack automation script, designed to enhance and simplify WordPress provisioning, performance, and security. You can use SlickStack to setup a lightning-fast WordPress site.

3 thoughts on “SlickStack Tutorial: WordPress on Nginx w/ FastCGI cache”

  1. the quick benchmark result is very strong

    >From 0 to 5000 clients in 1 minute, the average response time is 114 ms.
    >From 0 to 10000 clients in 1 minute, the average response time is 261 ms.

    and use Cloudflare is recommended for easy CDN and because you can also use the OpenSSL in SlickStack for free SSL forever (easier than Lets Encrypt)

    or Lets Encrypt option is available too

  2. SlickStack is very easy and lightweight. If you have a high traffic site it works great with Nginx FastCGI cache supported, be sure to use a cloud server with KVM.

    I want everyone to know about this free LEMP script.

    And if you have several low traffic sites you want to share on the same server you can also try the free Webinoly script too. SlickStack is for 1 site per server (can handle high traffic).

  3. here is another great SlickStack tutorial very detailed:


    FastCGI cache is enabled by default for 24 hours expiration time… not only “micro” cache like some scripts did for 5-10 seconds.

    combine with Cloudflare for free CDN of your media files


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