Laravel Messenger Suite

Hello all! I have been working on a fully featured [Messenger]( for a little over a year now, and would love your opinions.

Messenger provides a RESTful API. Some of the many features include:

* Realtime messaging between multiple models, such as a User, Admin, and a Teacher model.
* Support for morph maps on your provider models.
* Private and group threads.
* Permissions per participant within a group thread.
* Send image, document or audio messages.
* Message reactions, replies, edits, and deletion.
* Group thread chat-bots.
* Friends, Search, and Online status systems.
* Provider avatars, group thread avatars, and bot avatars.
* Underlying calling system you can extend.
* Group thread invitation links (like discord).

My documentation, as well as links to my API explorer, can be found in my core repository:

Core package: [](

I have optional addon packages you can use with the messenger:

* [Messenger Bots]( \- Ready-made chat-bots.
* [Messenger Faker]( \- Adds commands useful in development environments to mock/seed realtime events and messages.
* [Messenger Web UI]( \- Ready-made web routes and publishable views / assets, including default images.

I also have a [Live Demo]( you can see the messenger in action.

11 thoughts on “Laravel Messenger Suite”

  1. looks nice, but doesn’t work. when i install messenger-ui, i get:


    Route \[login\] not defined.

  2. This is exactly what I needed a few months ago! I ended up making something extremely bare-bones so I will definitely be checking this out for when we upgrade.

  3. Looks real great, having a Laravel messenger ready will save people a ton of work ! Nice idea and execution.

    Is the core raw JS − you didn’t like Vue for it ? Seems harder to secure and maintain when you’re concatenating strings.


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