— Cataloged, analyzed, manually-curated open-source Rails projects directory

Hi everyone! I'm [joshmn](, and I made []( after I saw one of my favorite websites suffer a long and lonely death, [OpenSourceRails.*com*](

From when I first started my Ruby career 10+ years ago until about 2015, was one of my most-frequented websites according to Chrome. I'd use it as a source of inspiration, and the subsequent projects as examples of good code and structure. All said, it was a great tool for learning.

When I saw was no longer a thing, I was :(. I emailed the original creator and asked for their blessing to take what they had built and give it my own spin. They gave it to me, so I took the idea and ran with it over the last weekend.

My take on the open-source project directory is same, but with some goodies: [check out GitLab for an example]( it lists what gems are being used, what the stack is of the app, and any front-end packages and any front-end stack. There's a nifty filtering feature so you can see other projects using the same gems, packages, or stack too. I can't think of the number of times I've asked myself "how is #{technical\_challenge} being handled in production in other apps?" only to be burned out by paginating through GitHub's dependents listing.

Each project here is hand-selected by me — over the years I have starred over 700 repos on GitHub and probably half of them are open-source Rails projects of some significance. This helps make sure that this doesn't become the wild-west of projects, but a showcase of meaningful, and in my opinion, helpful or at least *cool* projects — more helpful than cool, though.

There's still some missing data, but the format and structure is largely in place for me moving forward with it. I plan to open-source the codebase here in the next few days once I take away the embarrassing bits of a weekend project (hackers, you know what I mean).

If anyone has any feedback or questions I'm here for 'em.

Have a good Monday:)

9 thoughts on “ — Cataloged, analyzed, manually-curated open-source Rails projects directory”

  1. Awesome. Glad to hear opensourcerails lives on.

    Just some feedback. The green on white text is bit hard to read. I’ll provide more feedback on your Github project page.

    But again. Well done.

  2. You Deserve congratulations per doing this .

    I will check carefully … maybe it can be the first OpenSource I could engage and contribute … even with some really simple tasks as I still a Novice in RoR

    Best Regard

  3. Thanks for cataloging such a wonderful list. I saw that you have included chatwoot in the there.

    I am trying to integrate chatwoot in my existing Ror app. Is this possible? Any coaching videos to achieve this?


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