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hello, brainlet noob and idiot here.

I have begun my venture of running a webserver for fun and self reliance from big tech.

I am trying to run a few lightweight webservices along side eachother, but for each one I add i get a new problem. Of course I try my best to troubleshoot and fix things, but at a certain point its better to ask for help, rather than get discouraged or make some gaping security hole.

so after getting nextcloud and a simple website index working, I tried to get the RSS bridge service running. this resulted in my webpage 403'ing on me. nextcloud works but i have tried to fix permissions, but it doesnt seem to work.

Any guidance as to where or how i can fix this would be much appreciated, as my ability to comprehend the google searches i am making is severly lacking.

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  1. Without further information we won’t be able to help I guess.
    403 can have multiple causes, the most common reason are messed up file permissions of the files NGINX is supposed to access. check your /var/log/nginx/error.log

  2. Do you have it running as Nginx+PHP-FPM? If so, do you have your PHP-FPM config file set to use the same user that owns the Nextcloud files?


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