You guys have no idea how much I miss Laravel and hate Drupal right now.

I'm working frontend and staring at an API made with Drupal right now. I've been forced to make the shittiest frontend decisions, including On2s on the frontend, because Drupal can't put together a proper JSON API.

Having a real strength with Laravel, roughly 6 years of experience, and seeing what's happening drives me mental. I could rewrite half this project faster than I can deal with the shortcomings of Drupal on the frontend. And it might be the devs on this one, tbh I'm not sure, but man I'm just sitting here with every bit of might resisting firing up a Laravel project and putting together a proper API with Laravel Resources.

The frustration of separation of backend jobs and front getting broken is driving me to a whole new level of madness. Especially since I feel like the hold ups of dealing with this are negatively reflected on my abilities. The backend devs on this project are also probably getting paid more than me too; which is just added sting.

After developing with Django, Express, Laravel, and Spring, I just can't understand why companies use Drupal so much. It's not cheaper, we could do this stuff fasted and way more efficiently. It's a blog and it's being used for things way past its capabilities because companies are either cheap and thinking they're getting a deal with Drupal devs, or because a Drupal dev is a lead backend. I've seen it used in so many companies that it's just disheartening.

So I just thought I'd pop by, say I miss the framework a whole bunch. You guys have always been awesome to me. Thanks for keeping it real with an actual solid framework.

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  1. My only experience with drupal was in a college course and I absolutely hated it. It makes WordPress look good.

    Luckily I get to make the decisions at my company so we always use Laravel.

  2. I mean, in an ideal world you could spin up Laravel and connect directly to the Drupal database and use it as an API, but it sounds like that’s not within your power to do. 🙁

  3. Sounds like maybe it’s an older version of Drupal? The newer API functionality is a bit clunky, but workable, depending on what you’re trying to do. I know this as we had to recently consume data from a Drupal website to use in a Laravel app.

    Lots of organisations use Drupal because its proven, they have staff trained in using it, it’s been audited/approved for use by their internal I.T. – there’s also a lot of niche (paid/private) ‘modules’ that are designed specifically for certain types of organisations.

    It does certainly make Laravel seem amazingly nice when you can get back to it though.

  4. I’m currently working on a wordpress project and wanna kill myself every time I open it. It’s the worst thing I’ve ever seen.

    \> I just can’t understand why companies use Drupal so much

    I think what “buys” them is the “popularity” over abstract framework: “yeah they’ve got a module/plugin for this and that”.

    What they don’t understand is that customizing these themes/modules/plugins to do exactly what the company needs will take more time and effort then building it from scratch with a proper framework like Laravel.

  5. As someone who just moved from full time Drupal to full time Laravel, I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I felt the same way about Drupal. It doesn’t help that Drupal’s documentation is trash if it’s even existent.

  6. I worked on a few Drupal projects in the past. Drupal is extremely frustrating to work with. The docs are horrible and usually out of date and it takes much longer to get a feature working than if it was done in WP or Laravel.

  7. i feel the same everyday with django.

    i am in a small startup and we are forced to move to django by management because we couldnt find cheap laravel developers and they didnt wanted to pay big money to some senior.

    anyway, django straight up sucks. and their community is really toxic. i am not einstein, but i am not too dumb either but it took me almost a month to take django to out-of-box laravel level.

    you have to use another package from another vendor for every little thing. and while searching for packages to do a job you find many packages that abandoned.

    also, if you cliticise djangoin any way, you get a downvote waterfall

  8. Sounds like your job is trying to kill your long term prospects and your passion to do good work. I hope they are paying out the ass for that privilege

  9. I work with Drupal on a daily basis. The version of Drupal you are using makes a ton of difference. If you are using Drupal 7 (or lower), I would completely understand your rant. However, as of D8, creating a JSON API for your content out of the box should be almost effortless. Of course, Drupal and Laravel serve a different purpose. Where Laravel might be a good choice if you only need a back-end framework, Drupal provides some of that but lots of other things as well. Probably for just the API, Laravel might have been a better option, but that might not be the same for all the other functionality that Drupal provides.

  10. From my experience working for an ad agency: A nice backend for editors that are barely able to log into Windows without hurting themselves and Multisite/Multilanguage support out of the box.

  11. Wait…but Drupal is a CMS. They are totally different tools. How do you expect nontechnical content creators to work in Laravel if you don’t build them an entire CMS (which would be a massive undertaking)? Especially if they want a wysiwyg with drag and drop, component search, etc.

  12. I connect with this at a spiritual level right now. But instead of Drupal it’s SilverStripe. Sweet cheese balls it’s so like… a worse version of 4.2? Blargh

  13. Oh, believe me – I absolutely understand.

    It absolutely baffles me that Drupal still exists in 2021. It’s such a fundamentally broken, wrongheaded, unusable *thing*, for developer and end user alike.

    (I say “thing” because, well, what the hell even *is* it? It’s largely a CMS, but it *fucking sucks* as a CMS. And people try to use it like an application framework – but that’s like doing carpentry with a shovel and a feather duster. It’s just…Drupal.)

  14. I remember Drupal would get me 95% of the way there but that last 5% was like 200 hours of work. I can’t imagine much has changed.

  15. My experience with Drupal was in Uni… Didn’t think much of it, always preferred WordPress.

    But it looks to me you’re way past the stress limit with that project and yeah, that is going to impact your abilities as a whole.

    I have a friend that is going through an emotional roller-coaster, is thinking of switching trades and even going back to his home country (which is in a worse condition that his actual country) just so he can find some peace for himself on the project he’s in, working with a technology he hates. And he has about 15 years of experience…

  16. Worked with Drupal 7 for couple of years so I guess I can add few of my experiences here. I don’t think its drupal that’s the problem. Its backend API code which was not written properly following REST conventions. There are modules that does the work but I guess devs just rolled up their own code and jumbled up JSON response.

    I feel the pain and I hope you come back to Laravel. I am glad that I ditched Drupal.

    Why use drupal?

    Drupal fits a very niche type of site. Drupal itself is a CMF (content management framework). You get some feature of framework and some features of CMS. Its just perfect for some cases.

    Drupal is widely used by Government sites because it has very high accessibility score which is extremely important for government sites.

    There are tons of features in Drupal that makes it ideal for some projects but for most of the projects, its just not suitable.

  17. Drupal and Laravel developer. Both have their places. Drupal 8/9 is a vast improvement on 7 and while it still has its pain points (doesn’t every framework?) I couldn’t imagine using Laravel innots place for some projects. I feel a lot of the hate is from inexperienced Drupal devs.

  18. I don’t know if your problem is more of mentoring than technology. I really think Drupal 8/9 APIS are not as difficult as you are saying. Take a look to the enterprise platforms: sharepoint, oracle portal, adobe experience and try to do whatever you are trying to do in Drupal in those technologies and you will be able to do an objective comparison. Laravel is a Framework, right now you are dealing with an other layer of complexity. is a great resource for newcomers.


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