Chrome extension to (fuzzy) search your bookmarks, history and open tabs in one place

I recently developed this to scratch my own itch with it. What I was missing is a single place where I can search / navigate through everything within chrome. The standard navigation bar search was not working good enough for me.

So I created the [Search Bookmarks, History and Tabs]( extension, with some inspiration by task launchers (Launchy, Spotlight) and the fuzzy search of Sublime Text / VSCode. It's now complete enough to be shown around, I hope. Feedback is welcome 🙂

Here is how it looks in action:

More documentation and the source code on [GitHub](

3 thoughts on “Chrome extension to (fuzzy) search your bookmarks, history and open tabs in one place”

  1. Great, thanks! Just installed it.

    First of all, I need to get used to the look of search results.

    Am I right, that search results are presented in randomized way? Eg. I have a tab opened, entry in History and entry in Bookmarks with the same url. Which one appears first?

    For me the most important is opened tab, then Bookmark, than History.

  2. Yo man! I dig It so far!

    I have a larger question. Obv you know how to code and make extensions. I know zip on how to do either. But I want one made. I think it would be a great one.

    It’s for youtube. I want to be able to make the recommended videos list that appear on the right side of every video customizable. Moreover, I really just want the recc videos to be no more then 3 days old. Preferable, from 48 hours old or less. I have zero idea on how to do that. But I’d be willing to pay for it to be made.

    If you can’t, or unwilling, where could I go to get this made? If you can make this, please DM me.



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