I have a few questions I would like to ask!

First of all I am using the Firefox 91.0 on windows 10 and I was wondering a few things.

First what are the addons you are currently using on your browser?

Do you tinker with the main settings for a addon if there are options to tinker with on the addon?

Do you only use firefox themes from the addon area or do you use a addon to make a customized theme?

Do you know of other sites to get free firefox themes? And if so have you ever gotten them from the other sites before?

Do you tinker much with your firefox browser to make it run and look the way you want it to or do you just do a few things and stop and never change them again?

Just a few random questions I was wondering about!

1 thought on “I have a few questions I would like to ask!”

  1. 1. A lot, I’ll add in an edit

    2. Yes, first thing I do

    3. I used to use Fx Color, but it didn’t theme everything and I’d get a flash of white every time I started the browser so now I use a normal theme

    4. I don’t know of any, but I wouldn’t be opposed to using them

    5. As with most programmes, I’ll go through every option on first install, or on major updates, but not after then unless there’s something I particularly dislike


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