Do you guys code your html/css all yourself or do you find a template and plug django into it?

I’m following Brad Traversy tutorial on Udemy and it’s been really helpful. I am terrible at HTML/CSS. I have the mind set of it has to look great even when starting out. It’s something I need to work on.

Do you guys start with a blank html and css sheet and code the entire thing? Or do you find a template online and purchase it and then just plug in the Django portions you need?

I am just 100% terrible at getting CSS to work and look nice. HTML is no better for me.

Edit: I have read all your comments. I will work on learning CSS/HTML by scratch as well as Tailwind and Bootstrap. I would like to learn both ways so I can 1. Start building a profile to sell a earn extra money on Fivver and other type sites. 2. I know how to properly modify the site. 3. Using tailwind and bootstrap to build out sites faster that look nice and function well.

There is a used car dealership near where I live that has a very shitty website. Once I complete this tutorial on Udemy. I’m gonna work on rebuilding it for practice and if I think it looks good maybe try to get them to switch.

Thank you guys

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  1. six of one, half a dozen of the other, I’m just as likely to do it from scratch as I am to use a template, or snip from a template to add to my own stuff, or gut a template and add a bunch of my own in the middle, really just depends on the project

  2. Softwares like Figma, AdobeXD and WebFlow can help a lot

    I used AdobeXD and exported with plugin for my graduation paper, it’s not the best tool for that but saved time for sure

  3. I’m a hobbyist and don’t have large projects with many different-looking pages – I mainly use Bootstrap to do the hard lifting for my html/css (plus js). Fairly simple to use, with lots of pre-built components. My templates come together relatively fast.

  4. Most of the time I prefer creating my html/css from scratch because every project is different and I prefer keeping à clean and minimalist code. Generally I create next to my project folder a _integration folder where I create a static version of my site and then I take the code once it’s optimized and plug it into Django.
    If your bad at HTML/CSS I recommand you to practice by taking a website you like, downloading all the assets and trying to reproduce it yourself, as close as the original as possible. Knowing these languages will strongly help you developping more responsive, light and original by design websites.

  5. I don’t really use djangos built in front end unless I am adding more functionality to my the admin view. In general I just build out the api and build out a separate front end project that interacts with the Django back end

  6. Depends on the use case. Normally I’ll just use tailwind css and a template for the base. Components within there are sometimes manually done with tailwind css.


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