I just deployed my chatapp!!

Hi guys I just deployed my chatapp. The chatapp allows you to chat with anyone by generating a group link and group password. Whoever you send the generated link to can chat.

This is how It works:
1. Click on the generate button to generate a group link and password.
2. Copy the group password.
3. Open the link and login.
4. Send link and group password to whoever you want to chat with.

Frontend: Html, css, bootstrap and javascript.

Backed: Django, django channels, websocket and daphne.

Database: Postgresql

Deployment server: Heroku

Kindly check it out and feed me back.

Live link: https://linkchatapp.herokuapp.com/

Github: https://github.com/faith-ware/realtimechat


3 thoughts on “I just deployed my chatapp!!”

  1. The app looks good, the UI is clean! Nice work!
    The chat session ends automatically in browser after some time not sure if that is intentional


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