Symfony var dumper for the browser (Live mode)

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This package can be easily used in your Symfony projects.

It allows you to debug through [Symfony VarDumper server]( (`bin/console dump:server`), providing a convenient and beautiful information output in the **browser** and **without reloading** the page. [**VIDEO**](

Thus, you use the `dump()` function in your code, anywhere, for example, when do you request to **REST API**, or in the **console command** and all the information will be displayed in your **browser** in **live mode**.


* the display is nicely tuned through CSS, the animation of a new messages
* you can open / close levels (Ctrl + Left Click opens all lower levels)
* output time in current time zone format and locale (If you are an Arab, then the date will be of this kind: "٢٠‏/١٢‏/٢٠١٢")
* search by individual messages with convenient display
* clearing the page from messages
* you can select the background color (the selection is saved)
* you can change the width of the container (the selection is saved)

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