Is preloading files into nginx’s cache possible?

Some of the clients I work with have terrible internet connections \~25mb/s for 100-1000 users(yikes I know). Currently we have nginx servers serving content to their local network. Whit this setup we have to periodically go to the site and update their content by hand.

Is it possible to setup nginx's caching function in a way that we can preload the 100GB+ of data, and then let nginx expands its local cache as users request new data?

Unfortunately the clients aren't able to download the 100GB of data, so we have to physically go to their site and save the content to the local nas.

P.S. I'm 100% open to using the best tool for the Job, I just don't know what that is yet, hence why I'm asking about nginx. Thanks.

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  1. Need a lot more information here to make recommendations. What is the content being served? So you’re going on-site and manually loading content onto a local nginx server for their intranet? You want to serve it remotely, and have nginx aggressively cache the content on a local proxy? I’m noticing some problems with your proposed solution but without knowing what it is you’re serving I can’t be sure.


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