Win10. Vagrant is not mounting shared folders, despite claiming to

Win10 home version 10.0.19042.1083. Running vagrant up, I see this

default: Mounting shared folders...
default: /vagrant => C:/mySharedFolder

When I vagrant ssh, the directory it takes me to is /home/vagrant, and is empty (other than .virtualenvs which contains: get_env_details postactivate postmkproject postrmvirtualenv predeactivate premkvirtualenv initialize postdeactivate postmkvirtualenv preactivate premkproject prermvirtualenv). I'm not using WSL, though apparently the system supports WSL2.

What I've tried so far

- adding
config.vm.synced_folder ".", "/vagrant"
to the root Vagrantfile of mySharedFolder, to try and explicitly enable mounting this directory into the image - though I am unsure if the "." is recognised as "this directory" by windows
- using C rather than D drive for both shared folder and VM (before, VM was on C, shared folder on D)
- making the shared folder actually a shared folder to everyone, via windows properties
- vagrant plugin install vagrant-vbguest
- vagrant plugin repair, vagrant plugin expunge --reinstall, vagrant reload
- vagrant plugin install vagrant-winnfsd (from
- sudo mount -t vboxsf vagrant /vagrant - runs fine, doesn’t do anything

Anyone have any other idess for what I can do or check?
Thank you

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