How to properly learn Django REST Framework?

What are the best resources to learn DRF?

On youtube most of the videos I have found are pretty much the same - simple introduction to DRF, serializers, two basic views and thats it. I did find one really [quality channel]( showing JWT, testing and actually building a simple but working project. It was really helpful in comparision to other videos I have seen, but unfortunately it looks like this topic was abandonned and discontinued. Do you know any other helpful and in depth resources (channels, sites, anything really)?

8 thoughts on “How to properly learn Django REST Framework?”

  1. Well I would like to day you’re right, since even there’s no good documentation about the DRF, and most of the tutos look the same.
    But I recommend reading some books, you’ll find examples and more details in there. There are few books that covers the Django Rest Framework, most of them are rock.
    So if you enjoy learning from books, then go ahead.
    It will help for real.
    Then take your time doing some basic projects, struggling with projects is the only way to learn.
    Good luck.

  2. Learn by doing. Come up with a project, e.g. create a wrapper around another API (there’s a huge list of open apis on GitHub) and transform the data (aggregate, make it searchable, combine endpoints etc) or mix multiple APIs (mashup).

    DRF documentation is great, check “classy DRF too.


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