7 thoughts on “I made a webapp for software devs that generates a customizable Docker Compose template project with just a few clicks”

  1. Super cool! One thing Iā€™d suggest is to use environment variables for the sensitive credentials and define them in a `.env` file that is outside of source control. Perhaps even [a separate env file per service](https://docs.docker.com/compose/environment-variables/#the-env_file-configuration-option).

    The idea here is in line with the third factor in the [twelve factor app](https://12factor.net) paradigm. Config is stored in the environment so that code can be easily modified for dev, staging, prod without code changes.

  2. As u/kolonuk suggested, volumes and networking options would be useful. I would also add a lightweight reverse proxy.

    You could also extend this to include Swarm as well!


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