Best browser 2021?

Ive been wanting to see if theres any browsers out there that may be better than my current one. I use google chrome as my main and only one. Im on PC. Im looking to see if theres a browser that meets the following conditions better than google chrome does:

1. Usability - very easy to use and very simple to navigate, while having a ton of very useful built in features

2. Speed - it needs to be very fast. The amount of memory or disc space it takes up does not really matter to me.

3. Reliable - i can always count on it to hold my login info for sites or hold my bookmarks well

4. Bookmarks - i can easily make and manage my bookmarks with little to no trouble

5. Opening - needs to open very fast, like almost as soon as i click on its icon on my task bar.

So are there any PC browsers/search engines out there that are better than google chrome at any or all of these things?

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  1. Edge is what you need, very easy to use, extremly fast compared to other browser, quite reliable , sync almost everything including setting, bookmarks ,history, tabs, extensions, passwords. Opens very fast. Development is very agile and they are adding useful features like every fortnight.

    one last thing it comes pre-install.

  2. Edge is probably what you’re looking for, but don’t discount the latest version of Vivaldi. Great little browser with tons of features and they’ve done a fair bit of work on speeding it up.

  3. 1. **Edge** : Fast , Less Ram usage , tons of features( vertical tab, good pdf viewer, in built screenshot tool, tracker setting , all chrome extensions work very well)
    2. **Edge** again: Good syncing (just make one outlook account and it is alright),Flawless bookmarking, plus very very nice COLLECTION feature
    3. Bookmark managing is as easy as breathing **EDGE**
    4. **Edge** opens very fast especially if u use in Win 10

  4. brave browser,

    1. its just a tiny bit harder to use but has some useful features built in
    2. its faster than chrome and uses less ram,

    3, they had a few problems but not privacy wise other than the tor one but normal users probably wouldnt use that feature,

    4. im pretty sure you can do that, i dont really use bookmarks but its probably good

    5. i dont know how fast chrome opens but on my old pc it took a bit longer for brave to start than firefox, with my current pc it takes less than 2 seconds for it to open and fully load.

    edit: im terrible at grammar

  5. It doesn’t matter. They are all fast. People acting like as if it really matters. Unless you have a shitty computer with a HD.

  6. Vivaldi is my default, but I still use Firefox and Brave. As for Opera, Edge and Chrome, I try to stay away from them (though I use Edge a but often)

  7. Imma Potato PC user. recently moved to Edge. because it takes half of the resources that FF or Chrome would take

  8. I was using Firefox, switched to Brave, from Brave to Edge, Edge to Opera GX, then after using all of these, Deleted them, came back to Firefox. Why? It is the Browser for me. It’s Simple, easily Customizable and User Friendly than ALL the other Browsers. Brave is a good Alternative but for me Firefox is Better than it. Don’t use Opera GX, it’s known for Selling Browser History. Edge is very Average. Firefox’s the Best currently. Try it out.

  9. librewolf

    it’s firefox but that has more privacy features and has an adblocker included

    but yeah edge is also good enough but is still completely fucking trash

  10. Edge is hands down the best. I like to have a lot of tabs open. 90% of those tabs are not active. I love that feature. It lowers the memory usage. If I ever want to go back to those tabs I just click and it activates it. I can honestly say, MS finally did something good. I was a long time Google user. I don’t even use their search engine anymore.

    Edge Browsers
    DuckDuckGo Search Engine


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