PHP or Ruby on Rails?

I'm a php developer, sadly I seen post that php is dead so I'm having doubts to continue studying it. They say Ruby on Rails is more in demand over it. I want to get your opinion about this, should I continue study it or should I just study the more in demand language

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  1. Working in both, at least in my area, php is far from dead. That said ruby and RoR are good to learn. I use ruby from little shell scripts up to full blown web apps in rails. It is a fun language to work in.

    With newer versions of php, things have gotten much nicer, and really there are good php frameworks to code with. You would be better to compare ruby with php, and rails with symfony.

    Given the choice, I go with ruby because I prefer programming in it. If you like OOP, ruby might be a good option to pick up. It just clicked for me that way. But there are tons of existing php projects that need maintainers. And occasionally new ones.

    I recently rebuilt a site that was in php with rails. First time and I dont regret it.


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