My New Project: Laravel Code Examples from Open-Source Repos

**Quick backstory.** For quite a while I've had the idea that Laravel open-source examples should be categorized somehow. I've done many code reviews on my Youtube channel, and each time I was asked about some design pattern or Laravel functionality in the comments, I was struggling to find the exact example from the exact Github repository.

So, to solve that problem for me, and to help the community to learn Laravel features by "live" examples, I've created this:


It's a list of open-source examples, categorized by topic and sub-topic. Each example contains \*only\* the files that are actually related to that topic, and each file in that example contains \*only\* the code lines that are related to that topic.

In other words, I was trying to "cut the crap and get to the point" 🙂

For the first launch, there are 50+ code examples from 14 repositories. More to come.

In the near future, I'm planning to add a convenient search, and the ability for users to suggest the projects.

What do you think? Any ideas/feedback welcome.

12 thoughts on “My New Project: Laravel Code Examples from Open-Source Repos”

  1. Good start, but I think you cut the crap a bit too much. I really would like to see a small explanation what the example is really doing.

  2. Hey awesome project ! This is a really good idea.

    Not to nitpick on the design but the dashed border on TailwindUI is meant to be as a guide where the content should be, not meant to be included in the actual design. I think if you remove it it will look better. Great job again !

    edit. spelling

  3. another good ‘thing’ from you- so congrats.

    one thing i would want is examples of differenet arhcitectures, repo pattern, actions pattern etc etc

  4. Thanks for your videos… straight to the point,succinct, and your clear. Your my go to on YouTube for understanding something laravel!

  5. Nice, I’m always interested to see Laravel code examples so I’ll be keeping an eye on this project. Cheers.

    A pattern I wouldn’t mind seeing is Actions. Still haven’t made my mind on that one yet.


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