18 thoughts on “Disable “Copy link to highlight” in right click menu?”

  1. go to chrome://flags/

    search for “Copy Link To Text”

    then disable that shit.

    Update 3.1.2022:The solution posted on 1.30.2022 may fail, sometimes it works OK for me sometimes it doesn’t.

    Update 1.30.2022:The solution no longer works after Google’s M97 update. This shitty company just doesn’t care about their users. FYI, removing unexpire M93, M94 flags in chrome://flags/ doesn’t work for me.

    Thanks the folks showing new solutions below. Let me repeat it again for easy references.

    Right click on your chrome short cut -> Go to shortcut -> target ->append this argument in the end, after the .exe filepath (“…chrome.exe”):–disable-features=CopyLinkToText(the argument to be added should be outside of the double quote sign)

  2. I wonder if someone at Google HQ is sitting here like “the users fucking hates grid tabs – what other completely useless shit can we add to the browser, just to piss our users out as much as possible?!”

  3. it seems a lot of useless “features” are being added as of recent… i wonder how much the chrome devs are getting paid to simply add random BS so they dont lose out on payroll

  4. I totally agree with you! It’s so frickin annoying!! Thanks for asking this question, i just disabled mine and I feel so much better now.

  5. I just don’t understand why they have to fuck with our muscle memory like this for a feature that nobody asked for.

  6. i made mine your words. so annoying.

    and the worst part is that it look like a good feature actually.

    but why ?! … why in the f\* h\*ll they putted it at the top of the most used link in that menu… oourghh . .

    in my opinion the search in gg link should be at the top, before even the copy one(because for the copy there’s ctrl+c already) . and it really deserved a keyboard shortcut too.

  7. Agreed that this totally fucked up such a smooth thing in the world of right clicks. Gracias for making the thread.

  8. Thank god I am not the only one complaining about Google’s bad decisions. I do not even use Chrome anymore. Brave here. Except Brave is built off chromium so I am still affected by Google’s noise.

  9. This button appears again these days.

    I want to disable it but I cannot find “Copy Link To Text” in the “chrome://flags/” page.

    Help me please!

  10. this shit came back, as well as the other garbage of “ADD TO READING LIST” when i want to bookmark stuff, but they are not anymore removable from the flags section.

    Any other ideas ppl? idk what the fk is chrome thinking adding annoying sh\*t to the browser


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