I made a game in Laravel that launches today!

I created a game in Laravel (Called [Planes of Tlessa](https://planesoftlessa.com) that you can play today. You can learn more about it in this [post](https://www.reddit.com/r/PBBG/comments/nyab7e/planes_of_tlessa/) on the PBBG subreddit.

- [Github](https://github.com/AdamKyle/flare)
- [Help Section (for the game)](https://planesoftlessa.com/information/home)
- [Planes Of Tlessa](https://planesoftlessa.com)

The technologies I used were:

- Laravel 8.x
- PHP 8.0
- React
- Jquery (no the whole app is not a SPA)
- Bootstrap
- Redis
- Horizon
- Laravel Web Sockets

The reason I wanted to share this here, it to tell you that Laravel can be used for more then business apps. This game has been in development for 3 years and let me tell you: Making a game is hard.

With in this game you can move around on an interactive map, find quest items, fight monsters, go on adventures, craft/enchant and manage kingdoms among a plethora of other things you can do.

I created this game as a challenge to my self, I wanted to see how far I could push my development skills, I have learned more about my self, laravel and game making over all.

I also created this game as a way to pay homage to another game that I use to play which looks and behaves in a similar fashion, but mine has its own take on specific systems and how things should work.

When I started this project three years ago, I thought it would be simple, but as you keep layering and hooking things up it becomes, from a technical standpoint, complicated. Not in a messy or unclean way, just "this hooks into that, which calls this over here to fire that event, which then updates this and fires that broadcast."

This application also helped me put my problem solving to the test and come up with creative solutions to problems as well as take what I learn at work and apply it here (a new way of thinking).

It's still in development - but stable at 1.0.0 A Morning Sun (all major versions have a name). Version 1.1 will be out in a few weeks to add more and flush out some systems even more and 2.0 (Darkest Night) brings with it tailwind, dark mode and a rebuilt UI among other major features.

The game works on a semver format - simmilar to MMO's where:

- a: Major Changes, think of these like new expansions
- b: Minor changes, new features, changes and so on - in a non breaking way.
- c: Patches - Game breaking fixes and so on.

I am going try and do major releases once a year, minor releases every 3-4 months and patches every few weeks. Unless the site is broken or a feature is shattered, then patches go out ASAP.

I am just one developer so if the game interests you and you want to help out there's a GitHub link at the top.

Any ways, thanks for taking the time to stop by.

11 thoughts on “I made a game in Laravel that launches today!”

  1. Impressive work, well done!

    1) Did you find it challenging to rewrite all your factories for Laravel 8?

    2) Is it considered good practice to cast all your model properties to their intended datatype? I was tempted to do this recently after fixing a datatype bug but wasn’t sure if it was worth it or recommended.

    3) Any specific gotcha / things to look for when upgrading your Laravel app to PHP 8?

  2. I’m on my phone right now so I can’t check but seeing others comments I be happy to see it.

    I have myself started one too but got stuck on some system and lost motivation.

    Good job for your perseverance!!

  3. >to tell you that Laravel can be used for more then business apps

    This is really inspiring, and I appreciate you posting it. I’ve been working on a multiplayer game using a similar stack and you’re absolutely right. Laravel with LWS offers a ton of engaging functionality for players. I hope it takes off!

  4. I think you’ve won /r/laravel this week 🙂

    Aren’t you worried someone might make a proprietary game with it ? AGPL would be the license if that’s the case.

  5. I tried to sign up but when it told me the security questions needed to be unique, it did not save any input so had to start over again.

    Then it told me the security answers where too short, after lengthening them, I got the unique security question message again and all my form data is gone again.

    I gave up


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