Looking for an add-on/extension that will collapse Pinned Tabs into one Button on Tab Bar

[Pinned Tabs Take Up Too Much Space](https://preview.redd.it/qg3s62usoh471.png?width=1055&format=png&auto=webp&s=e38a7348f2e05e562c5d9ea3c68b8c8150b05e4f)

As you can see in the screenshot of the Tab and Address bars of my Firefox setup, I have multiple Pinned Tabs for multiple accounts for multiple social media networks. Although Pinned Tabs and Multi-Account Containers work great, unfortunately the amount of space dedicated to the Pinned Tabs consumes too much of the Tab Bar. Only one and a half other tabs are now visible, which forces me to constantly use the List All Tabs dropdown. Making the FF window wider or fullscreen is not an option, so I would like to make better use of the current real estate of the window.

I would love to find an add-on/extension that would allow me to collapse all Pinned Tabs into a Button similar to the List All Tabs button. Something of a List All Pinned Tabs button. There is already wasted space to the left of the Tab Bar that seems like a perfect location for it. I have software development experience, but I have never created a browser extension.

Does anyone know of an extension that could provide this functionality? If not, is anyone interested in creating one or helping me do so?

2 thoughts on “Looking for an add-on/extension that will collapse Pinned Tabs into one Button on Tab Bar”

  1. Well, there is STG.

    It doesnt create placeholder buttons/tabs, but you can switch between the groups via the toolbar button.


    I am a addon developer and could help you out,
    but i dont really see the need / usefulness for the addional visual representation of the pinned tab group. To be fair i had a similar idea once, but came to the conclusion, that the placeholder tab just wastes space again.


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