Launched the MVP of – Find all ruby courses and books in one place.

Hey everyone,

I'm happy to announce that I have launched my first side-project called

[RubyHunt]( It's a place where you can find all high quality Ruby courses and books.

I'm a 3 years Ruby developer and I know that find a well learning resource is hard. They are just scattered in every corner of the community.

That's why I created RubyHunt. It's a curated list of resources that will save you time and help you learn Ruby better.

Here's what it looks like:


I would love to hear your feedback about the site. Please let me know if you like it or not and what can be improved.

Thanks for reading!

7 thoughts on “Launched the MVP of – Find all ruby courses and books in one place.”

  1. Nice. Ideas if you want them: I’d like to have my own bookshelf of the books I own and a wish list for my next few purchases.

  2. Great! I found my book, [Learn Ruby on Rails]( I wrote the book for absolute beginners, as an alternative to Michael Hartl’s Rails Tutorial (which is excellent but best suited to developers with previous programming experience). My book provides the background and context that beginners need. And it’s free! Thanks for including it at!

    @hoppergee you’ve done a lot of work to catalog over 250 books and courses. But visitors might want some sorting or categories to narrow down the choices. Maybe date of publication or last revision? Price (or a list of what’s free)? This might be more difficult to determine, but level of expertise required (beginner, intermediate, or advanced)? Getting picky here, but you might need to make comments editable. And I’m wondering if “Take Book” is the best label for the “more info” button? Maybe “See More” or “Website”?

  3. Maybe showing a metric to point to popular or categorizing resources would be a good idea. I am a .NET dev trying to learn Ruby and Rails. So, I looked around your site, but was not able to make much sense of it.


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