78 thoughts on “If anyone figures out how to disable group tabs and the grid layout on android, let me know please.”

  1. I’m with OP on that I can’t use the grid layout! I get completely lost and it’s way slower to navigate than the stacked tabs!

  2. Switch to anything but Chrome. Seriously I love Chrome for many of it’s features but mobile version is so garbage right now…

    Google can shove whatever shit-of-a deal they wanna but I had enough of their stupid rationale. Hopefully they can revert back many of the decisions and do something right.

  3. I think they’ve stopped the original way where you’d disable a few group tab settings in chrome://flags

    I can’t seem to find any setting for tabs apart from

    Tab Grid Layout
    Allows users to see their tabs in a grid layout in the tab switcher on phones. – Android

    I disabled that

  4. Hey I’ve found a browser that have stacked tabs similar to Chrome, it’s called Mint Browser.
    The only flaw IMO is that the button to open the tabs is on the bottom right so as a lefty it’s pretty bad to navigate single handed.
    Chromes gesture to pull down to open the stack view was still the best! It was great and comfortable to navigate, close and switch tabs single handed, the grid view sucks as it puts stuff away from my thumb reach and that grouping tabs sucks even more as it just adds additional steps.

  5. Why do they insist on pissing us off? We’re the very people who’ve bought your products and use your apps/services. Idiots

  6. I can’t even reverse image search anymore, those corpo bitches really want us to use Google Lens which sucks in every way possible and doesn’t even fucking work

  7. This worked for me: [https://www.reddit.com/r/chrome/comments/nm146e/updated\_want\_to\_disable\_tab\_groupsgridview\_in/gzxgnxx/?utm\_source=reddit&utm\_medium=web2x&context=3](https://www.reddit.com/r/chrome/comments/nm146e/updated_want_to_disable_tab_groupsgridview_in/gzxgnxx/?utm_source=reddit&utm_medium=web2x&context=3)

    EDIT: Doesn’t work an y more. As far as I know all we can do now is star this “feature request” (Requires a google account) [https://bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=1214806](https://bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=1214806)

  8. Those fucking idiots in Chrome dev team can’t simply understand that nobody needs their progressive bullshit groups pushed to mobile chrome.

  9. I went to settings -> apps -> manage apps -> chrome -> uninstall updates, which disabled both and brought the app back to 87.0.4280. However, it was at the cost of losing my history and search suggestions.

  10. It’s a deal-breaker for most of us, I think.

    It doesn’t simplify, it just adds additional steps for the same action. On mobile, that just means clicking multiple times, in different corners of the screen. No one wants to do that. It’s a terrible user experience.

    I already hate the grid experience, as the thumbnail feels less like a helpful feature and more like something you want to hide from people looking over your shoulder, but fine. Adding extra clicks, though?

    (I know you all know these complaints, but I’m hoping someone from the Chrome dev team actually reads this.)

  11. They fucking did it again. Every time you find a way to disable it, they come back a month later with this shit. I’m fucking tired of it.

  12. Spent almost two hours trying to disable this (*again*). Fuck this update, had to finally uninstall chrome after 10 years.

  13. Hey, if you’re a Googler reading this?

    This isn’t a small thing for me. This is a very very difficult period of my life, and Google’s escalating hostility to the users makes my life *worse.* Every day.

    I used to love Google. It feels so silly looking back. I drank the koolaid. I played with the dev kits. I felt like a god.

    And now? I’m trying to figure out how to express myself without sounding overdramatic but… just please, somebody inside that place that used to inspire me… please, please, please, please, please recognize the human cost. Computing was the part of my life I controlled. I have nothing now.

  14. I could probably deal with the grid display (although I loathe it), but they really need to give us an option on group tabs. Tiny thumbnails inside small ones are not that legible and frequently the new tab has nothing to do with the old one, so it makes no sense to group them.

    I will be trying some of these solutions. I’ve got a Galaxy S20.

  15. After the new update I couldn’t disable tab groups. I’ve uninstalled chrome. I think we should all just uninstall and move on. Google seems intent on ignoring what we want and forcing shitty features on us.

  16. I’ve moved over to edge for now, at least they stopped at the grid layout and no autogroup bs. If anybody is having trouble getting their saved google account onto another browser (simply importing from edge doesn’t work), here’s my workaround;

    1. Get on PC
    2. Chrome: Settings -> Passwords -> Click on the three dot at the top of password list -> export (this will export google cloud passwords to local csv)
    3. Log out of chrome with your google account
    4. Make a new profile in chrome called temp or something and **don’t** log in with google account
    5. Go to chrome://flags, enable “Password Import”
    6. Go back to Settings -> Password -> Three dot … -> Import -> choose the locally saved .csv
    7. Now the google account passwords are local to PC
    8. Edge: import passwords like usual (make sure you choose the “temp” profile to import from)

    Google made it hard for people to migrate to different browser and there isn’t much info on how to migrate google account saved passwords, but this worked well for me.

  17. Ugh I’m so sick of them screwing with this. The grid layout is AWFUL. I’ve spent the entire night trying out other browsers and I think I’m settling on brave because there’s actually a setting in it to disable this bullshit.

  18. This is driving me up the goddamn wall. I’ve been trying opera, but finding i like it even less. The old tab style was perfect, why go messing around with it, or at least not giving an option for those who prefer the original way.

  19. Does downgrading to a previous version of Chrome not work anymore? I saw that suggested a lot in the past when I had to look for fixes.

    If not then I’m uninstalling and switching to Firefox or brave. Fuck off google.

  20. You can uninstall updates for chrome and it reverts it back to how it used to be. Then you can go int the play store and remove automatic updates for chrome.

  21. I’m shopping around new browsers, this is amazingly bad. Bad like.. I don’t know how this ever got out of initial whiteboarding bad. Bad like I don’t know if I trust Google designers bad (OK maybe the new icons started this, but still). I’ve been using Chrome more or less since its inception, and Android for probably a decade.

    I had a huge rant with lots of colorful language detailing *why*, but really it just boils down to this: The stack of cards roughly models your mental model for browsing. Lower in the stack is where I’ve been, higher in the stack is where I’m going next (using Open In New Tab).

    On a small screen it holds lots of information to be readily visible, and is easy to move around the stack. Unless I have a billion tabs open, this is plenty. I’m not writing the great American novel on this thing and I’m not using tabs as curated research with oodles of carefully organized websites, I’m using it to navigate the internet for food, useless stuff to buy, or pornography. Maybe while on the can.

    With grid (and groups), a *significant* amount of readily available information is lost. Tabs are shrunk down to tiny sizes, and tabs within groups are something like 1/2″ square (I measured!)

    Trying to switch tabs with the bottom bar switcher thing is futile. It uses… god are these *favicons* to differentiate tabs? Throw this thing right in the fuckit bucket. God help you if you wanted to see a page title. They’re now maximum about 12 characters long- just about the same as a DOS filename with extension was in the 1980s. Amazing. This is a screen about the size of a deck of playing cards, what the hell is all this?!

    Summary being… the old stack was *one context* that did everything. Now I have what… like *four separate contexts* to commit to muscle memory? (Grid view, group within grid view selector, bottom bar, switch-to-incognito view). Also the tap surfaces are *all over the place.* With the card stack you tap the card to switch and tap the X to close a card. The X is always in the same place. To close everything I can just tap the same spot over and over. In the grid the X is… well it’s *everywhere.* And the tap surfaces on the bottom bar are *super tiny.*

    Sigh. It feels good to rant.

  22. I didn’t know it was a thing untill they forced me to install an update today. I’ve never in my life been so mad over a stupid UI change.

    The fact that they didn’t give us the ability to disable this garbage feature (in actual settings) is mind-blowing.

    Time to look for a new browser I guess.

  23. Simple solution that still works:

    Chrome> settings-> accessibility -> enable “simplified view for open tabs”. The groups will be gone.

    Upside: simple list of tabs without left / right layout. Possible downside: the previews are gone, too (but I don’t need / want them anyway).

    Enable this http://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4469cd429d28137795c0c6c7208a85c5ee5f67876f70679b19ea9d4c4b42e109.png

    To get this look https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/eb49e911bbcb4ba46d19d2c14b68547e1fbd5badfe36aec2223432525262dab5.png

  24. On desktop (canary 93.0.4542.2) there’s a `chrome://flags/#tab-groups-auto-create` option now, so I guess they heard that feedback 😛

  25. Brrave browser.
    Disable group tab in settings.
    Disable brave rewards program icon and itself.
    Disable bottom toolbar.

    You have old chrome with adblocker.
    Solves our problem

  26. I seriously wonder what kind of fucking idiot thought up group tabs and grid layout in the first place.

    FUCKING MORON DESERVES A BRICK TO THE FACE. Might actually fix his fucking brain.

  27. They need to make it an option. I never had more than about ten tabs open at a time and would manually close all tabs periodically anyway. I don’t want or need grouping and it being there just makes it harder to switch tabs in the way I’m used to.

    Previously I could disable grouping using flags but now I can’t, why remove this simple choice?

  28. I have a bad fix.

    Got to setting, apps, chrome, three dots in the top right and then “uninstall updates”.

    I’m not sure what other features it removes, but it removes the most annoying one.

  29. I don’t really know why they implemented this feature anyway. Isn’t it about respecting people’s opinion on the product they are using?
    I have never seen a person happy with this new grid layout.

  30. Only workaround I found was to go to the app store, “uninstall chrome”, which actually only uninstalla updates and relaunches a stock version. Gotta disable auto updates as well.

  31. Most likely they aren’t even A/B testing this rollout or they aren’t looking at the right metrics, since I guarantee the majority of customers are outraged about tab groups.

    I submitted a complaint to the chrome team for this – maybe we can all do this until they fix it. To do so, go to “Help & feedback” in the browser menu and click Send Feedback. I guarantee if we inundate their feedback inbox with complaints about tab grouping they will have to do something

  32. I’ve uninstalled the update and I’m using an older version. Turned off auto update. This is ridiculous we have to do this.

  33. Not just the grid layout, but tab groups. Who the fuck needs tab groups, especially on mobile? Honestly it’s pretty awful. Gonna start looking at other browsers instead.

  34. I got fed up with that crap view and started looking an alternative browser. I tried a few well known and ended up stopping at Brave when I found it gives the user the option to use GRID or the old Chrome card stake view. It’s such a relief to be able to use one hand again. I haven’t gone all in yet as I’m researching how secure it is but so far so good.

  35. I can’t believe a human with a functioning brain could of came up with this idea.

    I can’t find a browser that has all the features I want, but Chrome was the best. It’s easily the worst now. Going to take some time to decide on a new one.

  36. I switched from chrome. I tried edge but it’s choppy for some reason so I’m using Firefox. Only complaint with Firefox is that it doesn’t support autofill for payments on Android yet. Supposedly it’s in the nightly builds.

  37. Am I the only one who still has the grid tab monstrosity disabled by going into chrome flags and unchecking all the tab grid options?? It’s been working for me for months. Others can’t do this anymore??

  38. Oh yes please. It’s very annoying, and frustrating that you can’t switch it off. I’ve found I’ve been using Firefox more now.

  39. I figured it out. Involves reverting back to an older version of Chrome. Disable auto-updates in Google play store.

    Go to phone settings on android, then apps, then Chrome. Tap the 3 dots in top right corner. Revert back to original app (not sure of wording now that I’ve reset it it doesn’t offer it to me anymore)

    But man is it glorious not having the grid anymore.

  40. Today I’ve done, it’s spent about an hour migrating to Firefox on Android, registering bookmarks and synced passwords for the various websites I visit.

    The tab groups are almost as bad as having no tabs at all. I can’t find a fucking thing. It puts a bar at the bottom of the screen I have no idea what the fuck it does. I spend about five minutes trying to understand the logic and the benefits of each, but I failed, I think it’s every bit as stupid as I had originally suspected.

    I’m happy to give FireFox a try, they seem to be working hard to make a good browser, I think they deserve a shot. Two other upside to Firefox, the desktop version’s hardware accelerated graphics work great, Chrome crashes all the time with certain video cards, unfixed after two years. Firefox on Android also allows persistent audio on YouTube even of you open another app on your phone.

    I’m just posting this here so that some other human being will take note of my 1st world problem.

  41. They replaced “open in new tab” in context menus with “open in new tab in group”. I was able to disable it with flags but they just forced it on me again like they did with grid layout. So guess what? I finally switched to Firefox on mobile. Chrome on Android was the only place I still saw ads since I use ad blockers on desktop. But because Google insisted on forcing this bullshit, I’m now blocking ads on Android too. Good job you fucking idiots.

  42. I had it fixed until it updated today. They totally removed the M## flags needed to make the flags that disable the stupid shit work.

    God damn it I am just about fucking done with Google.

  43. I couldn’t disable the groups, but I found a way to bring back the “open in new tab” option, instead of “open in this group”


    search for “Tab Grid Layout”

    And select “Enabled without auto group”

    Restart chrome, and the option should be back when you long press, to open in a full new tab

  44. I’m just looking here once every month if I can return to Chrome, but nope.. looks like grid view is here to stay. Apparently users can’t handle having a choice

  45. Oh my god it’s back again! Why are they forcing us using this stupid groups system? It’s completely unusable!!!
    Before I managed to avoid groups, had a nice”new tab” tile even though I’d have liked to keep my good old tabs. Now I’ve those stupid groups again, no “new tab” tile anymore and there’s is no option that can remove them. Looks like flags don’t even work anymore.
    Seriously, if someone come with a solution other than not working flags, I’ll buy you a coffee.

  46. I just figured that out!

    Go to play store.

    Search for Firefox

    Download it

    Start it

    When prompted confirm to make it your primary web browser.

    Long press on Google chrome and press disable

    You are good to go

  47. Who the fuck has enough tabs open to make use of this feature? Just adding extra taps to change between two tabs. I think I’ll try Firefox.

    Edit: this is pretty nice. I like it so far!

  48. I hate this so much it drives me fucking crazy. This is the perfect example of solving a problem that doesn’t exist. I just want normal fucking tabs on my phone’s web browser. You’re on one page you want to switch easily to another. That’s it. Everything after that is fucking crazy.

  49. Found this post after being frustrated for the past week, regretting that I pressed update on the play store.. First they took card view..then they moved the new tab button. Just when you thought they took everything from you, they force automatic tab grouping.. Anyways I just fiddled around for 5 minutes and at least got “Open in new tab” back.

    Phone: Razer Phone 2, Android 8.1.0

    Chrome Version: 93.0.4577.62

    \> Enter chrome://flags

    Tab Grid Layout : Enabled Without auto group

    Tab Groups Continuation: Disabled

    Temporarily unexpire M91 Flags : Enabled


    As the temp flag suggests, this is temporary but will do. Until some dev’s greasy fingers flips the switch on us.

    Still miss card view to this day. rest in the recycle bin in peace

  50. Not sure if anyone is still reading new comments, but if you’re still here about the Grid Layout being unfriendly to users, the bug tracker link to go to and star is https://bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=1246519 , and not https://bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=1214806, which is specifically about tab groups.

    It hasn’t been killed yet as a duplicate thus far, but there doesn’t seem to be much traction on it either, which could have something to do with 1214806 vacuuming up literally every other issue posted about tab grid layout.

  51. I can’t stand the grid view bs.. but thankfully I got my Open in New tab option back.

    Go to Chrome://flags, search Tab Grid Layout and put it as enabled without auto group. Hit relaunch and then close out of chrome again and open it back up.

  52. Think it’s about time to uninstall chrome. What an absolute abortion of a UI design, and no ability to change it after all these months? Inept isn’t a strong enough word to describe this development team.

  53. Came back to see if any progress had been made on this, still nothing. The easiest solution is still to roll back to factory version and disable auto updates.

  54. Chrome not only destroyed their android browser with forced group tabs and the grid layout but also other chromium-based browsers in 2022 like bromite, brave, and edge which adopted it blindly. I lost tons of tabs due to this mess which I can’t recover. No option to change the layout no flags.

    Is google now are our parents? Is there any freedom left? Is there any self-control left? Can we make our own decisions and not based on big tech that doesn’t know about us or our lives? Or do we need to accept and stay the fucking mouth even if it is painful and unacceptable?



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