Basic real time chat tutorial – Django, Channels and Web Socket

a little bit over a month ago, I posted my tutorial here on Reddit ([\_django\_realtime\_chat\_app\_tutorial\_simple/](

I have received a lot of positive feedback on this tutorial, but many people have asked for a written version of it.

So I have written a tutorial on the same subject (and content). I hope that many of you are interested in this:

In the tutorial I show you how to set up Django, Channels, Redis (Docker) with a simple frontend where people can join a chat room and chat in real time.

If you don't want to use Redis/Docker, it's possible to just use the built in channel layer/in memory cache like this:
'default': {
'BACKEND': 'channels.layers.InMemoryChannelLayer',

Let me know what you think about it 😀 And what do you think, is it necessary to have written versions of a tutorial together with videos?

4 thoughts on “Basic real time chat tutorial – Django, Channels and Web Socket”

  1. I will take a written version over a video any day. A LOT easier to follow, make notes on, reference, look things up in etc 🙂 Will check this out, thanks a bunch for the effort 🙂


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