Announcing The Flask Community Workgroup

# About

Since sometimes we have been setting up the Flask Community Workgroup, a workgroup under the wings of the Pallets to help Flask users and the Flask ecosystem. The workgroup aims to work on:

* Events - Helping organise Flask-related events and workshops
* Ecosystem - Maintain abandoned plugins
* Education - Preparing Flask-related articles and workshop content
* Translations of the docs

The website is currently at [](

The github org is currently at [](

Contact mail: [flaskcwg at](mailto:[email protected])

If ever you were at PyCon US this year, you might've heard of it at the Pallets booth.

# Ongoing works

Since the setting up of the workgroup, the Spanish docs has been completed []( . You can [read it online](

The Chinese docs is also hard at work [](

The search for lost plugins is also on.

# Volunteering

You can help in many ways, see a list of volunteers and areas [here]( with instructions [here]( Your help is appreciated. You can help with code, events, education and translation.

# Suggesting projects to be maintained by the CWG

If ever you have a Flask project or plugin which you no longer want to work on it, you can mail the cwg requesting a takeover, you have to ensure the following:

* that the project is useful
* that tests are easy to run and the coverage is high (80%+)
* that the project is well documented

more on it [here]( If you want to propose a fork of a popular project, feel free to write

# Contributing FaQs and Blog Posts

If ever you want to [contribute a FaQ](, feel free. For [blog posts](, we are looking for articles explaining the internals of web frameworks, the http protocol, WSGI etc. But if you have any ideas, feel free to submit a PR.

# Curated Resources

Though the section is still new, we are listing useful projects [here]( You can see the format [here]( in info.json

Quite lots of things brewing. The initiatives needs lots of tiny pushes from all of us \^\^

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