Learn how to create production-ready Django code in seconds using Imagine.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of [Imagine.ai](http://imagine.ai/) \- a platform where you can generate production-ready Django code in seconds.

Just set up your project preferences and define your data models in our UI, and we generate a code base (including working REST / GrahphQL APIs), that is fully tested, dockerized, linted and more - instantly. Our goal is to generate clean, well-written Django code that is at the level of an experienced developer and just works out-of-the-box - we believe our platform can help you learn how to create reliable apps using Django and save time when you’re building a Django app!

We’re still at an early stage and we're working hard to build a platform that’s useful & interesting for developers 🙂 - so we’d appreciate all the feedback you can give us! Please reach out to us through our [Discord](https://discord.gg/uhPgmsNh) or [Slack](https://join.slack.com/t/imagine-code/shared_invite/zt-qcotwy1z-9zlNwpB566X7e9r50g3SIQ) with any questions, suggestions or even just learning more about the platform.

Also, [learn more about our competition ](https://www.imagine.ai/docs/code-with-imagine-competition)where you can win a cash prize by building a Django project using Imagine.

2 thoughts on “Learn how to create production-ready Django code in seconds using Imagine.”

  1. Interesting. So kinda like strapi but with Django code? This could be quite useful, how does it handle custom user model creation, I haven’t managed to really do more than look around the test project.

    I’m going to pick a nit and say that while this certainly can help get a project up and running it’s not entirely production ready. Its the skeleton of a project, you still need to add all the business logic. Just like saying it is fully tested is a bit disingenuous. All the tests in the example project are tests of Djangos core functionality.

    There is some serious value here, but overselling it may end up with a lot of disappointed people, whereas positioning it correctly could lead you to being a serious competitor of strapi.

  2. Why do string fields in the models need maximum length? There doesn’t appear to be a way to use a TextField.


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