My friend and I built this extension to filter sub from r/Popular

Hey there!

A ton of subs on front page are not worth our attention and we all hope if we can get rid of them.

I had an idea and my friend helped me realise it. We built [Hazmat](, browser extension to add the subs to the list and you won't see them again on r/Popular.

Do let us know your feedback. Thank you!

2 thoughts on “My friend and I built this extension to filter sub from r/Popular”

  1. Great idea for an addon, I was looking for exactly this. RES is too bloated for my taste and only seems to support “old reddit”.

    I tried out the Firefox addon right away, and couldn’t get it working, i.e. it didn’t filter anything for me. Feel free to DM me if I can help with debugging/testing.

    General feedback:

    * My understanding is that only r/popular is filtered and it would be good to filter the home page, too, or possibly any feed.
    * A bit unclear if subs should be listed with or without the r/ prefix. Maybe just normalize the user input and add r/ if it doesn’t start with it already.

    Thanks for your work.


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