4 thoughts on “Is CakePHP worth learning?”

  1. Definitely worth learning.

    *There’s two kinds of languages: Those people complain about, and those no one uses*.

    I feel like it goes the same for frameworks.

  2. > I really don’t understand what they hate so much

    Ask and you likely won’t get a reasoned answer. Most of those people are likely parroting what they heard from someone’s cousin’s brother’s sister. r/php is mostly Laravel fanboys with a sprinkle of Symfony and no framework at all types.

    What are your reasons for wanting to pick up CakePHP? To learn a new framework? You’ve looked at the documentation and like the design of it? Those are all good reasons.

    From a career perspective, I think Laravel is probably the best bang for your buck framework to learn right now. I am just basing that off what I see on job boards. I haven’t personally done much with Laravel so I hope someone else can chime in with their thoughts on it.

    Aside from CakePHP and some CodeIgniter a while back, I have spent a decent amount of time with Symfony and that’s a good one to learn too. The components are so re-usable that you get to take a lot away from the framework. Learning Symfony helped make me a better programmer for sure. Learning any new framework/language/ makes you a better programmer though since it exposes you to new/different ways.

    CakePHP is a good framework. I think it’s easy to pick up and hit the ground running with. It has a solid core dev team. If I were starting a new for-money project I’d use it since I know my way around it quite well and it’s battle-tested for me. The next for-learning framework I pick up will be Laravel for reasons I mentioned earlier.

    These are all just tools. Most of these modern frameworks give you the same things, just in different ways. Yii, Symfony, CakePHP, Laravel etc. They are all in the wild powering companies.

  3. It’s very good. There may be good reasons to choose other frameworks too, but I built a large application on CakePHP and it was a very pleasant experience.

  4. Don’t pick it up. Take something more modern and sensible. This is from someone who has used cake PHP for 3 years now and is also familiar with Laravel.


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