Instagram Clone Using Flask

Hi Guys, I made an instagram clone using flask

and its open source [here]( is the github repo for it

I Know its not perfect so it would mean a lot if you can contribute or improve code or add any new feature

i did try to keep it as clean as i can but anyhow if you see a bug or would like to make any correction make a pull request

Anyway this is [website]( url if you want to just see site

I Hope you guys like it

8 thoughts on “Instagram Clone Using Flask”

  1. Reseting password the first time with invalid syntax threw an error ‘The CSRF session token is missing.’, entering a valid email threw a 500 Server Internal error.

  2. Go to login, enter wrong email and password, you will get account with this email doesn’t exists. But you can not close that popup .. also I tried to register and nothing happened after clicking on signup .. password textbox cleared so the request was sent to server but not returned.

  3. when making a post requests, there should be a Csrf token, so as to Cross site request forgery. in your post Form, you should have something like this {{form.hidden_tag()}} in it. I hope this helps

  4. just pushed an update here are changes

    1. non confirmed users wont be able to add post (it was a bug)
    2. ability to delete post (forgot to add this for comment maybe add later)
    3. deleted all non confirmed user up until now (got freaking 30 fail to delivery mail e-mail in last 3 days, just use your real email i don’t work for facebook)


    * add full text search for users (tried `flask_whooshalchemy` and `flask_ponywhoosh` both didn’t work)
    * Add that `foke me on github` thing


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