Mozilla, just bring “View Image” button back.

Just bring back the goddamn button, do you really want me to rollback to previous version just to have it? It is not better to have less options here. If I'd want a picture in new tab, I'd click with middle button, and I'm not alone. Also now browser immediately sets focus to the tab with an image. Try to open 50 images like that.

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  1. Can be fixed with an addon and some CSS.

    First, to get ‘View Image’ back, install one of these addons:

    []( or


    Then, to hide or move the menu items, do this:

    \- Go to about:config via the address bar > change toolkit.legacyUserProfileCustomizations.stylesheets to true

    \- Open your Firefox profile folder (about:support > Profile folder)

    \- Make a new folder named Chrome (if it doesn’t already exist)

    \- Navigate into the Chrome folder > create a text file named userChrome.css. Make sure it’s not named userChrome.css.txt!

    \- To hide ‘Open Image in New Tab’, copy this line, paste it into userChrome.css > save the file:

    \#context-viewimage {display: none !important;}

    \- To move ‘View Image’ to the top, copy these lines, paste them into userChrome.css > save the file:

    menuitem\[label=”View Image”\] {-moz-box-ordinal-group:0;}

    menuitem#context-viewimage {-moz-box-ordinal-group:10;}

    \- Restart FF

  2. Extremely dumb of them to remove access to an integral feature of the browser. Disgusting that nobody thought this was a bad idea, and they went ahead and just pushed the change out in a new version…

    I’m seriously disappointed. I’ve been using “View Image” and “View Video” ***daily*** for well over a decade. It’s now substantially harder to just view these contents when they are in container pages filled with ads or limited zoom controls.

    In short, being able to use the browser to view the content directly solved so many usability issues from poor website design.

    And what’s even *more* annoying, they have disabled feedback…

  3. IMO they could make the default option stay as new tab and middle click to open in same tab. I like having images in new tabs by default

    none of these are huge deals to me anyways tho

  4. They should just change the current menu item to open the image in a new tab but not change the focus to that tab unless using Ctrl or middle click. It is annoying for it to change tabs without me asking it to, and makes some use cases orders of magnitude slower, such as opening a bunch of images from one tab in new tabs.

  5. Isn’t “Open Image In New Tab” the same thing? It just opens the image in a new tab instead of the same tab.

  6. So annoying TBH, I used to right-click on an image and straightaway could find / go to the “view image” option. Easy.

    Now, I right-click an image and spend a good 10 plus seconds trying to find which option will allow me to view the image.

    This change has been nothing but gratuitous.

  7. It seems like you’re using the wrong tool. What you were doing did work, sure. But you should check out wget as a possible solution.

  8. I think there’s a lot of hyperbole in this thread, it’s not a major inconvenience, but I don’t understand why they’d remove it. It just made things slightly more annoying sometimes.

  9. Imagine making some of these design decisions. They are not helpful and just creates more work, the exact opposite of what we expect from programming and software in general.

  10. At least add the functionality to return it such as holding alt, shift, etc when opening the context menu displays it.

    I am massively in favor of, and love the UI/UX changes in general but, this one change does affect me, and it feels regressive in spite of the fact that I do generally open images in a new tab.

    I’m fine with this being the default, I would. however, prefer to still be able to access “view image” when necessary. Removing it entirely was a mistake.

    If they have the time, I hope they allow users to configure the context menus, as in what’s available, and its order.

  11. Chiming in with the rest. Please bring this back guys, this was a unique feature of Firefox that distinguished it from Chrome.

  12. Reading all these comments about crappy Proton and removed feature, I wonder if we should go on a strike for Mozilla to listen to us. I mean, one or two weeks using a completely different browser. It would be a PITA for me, but hey… Maybe someone up there would notice that this “vocal minority” are just the people that keep Firefox alive in browser statistics.

  13. > If I’d want a picture in new tab, I’d click with middle button

    And don’t get me wrong, I’m all for optionally also providing a menu option for this, but really, what needs to happen then is making this configurable. **Both** the shortcut, **and** the menu layout.

    If I want my middle click to be “Open in this tab” which “open in new tab” is a menu option, I should be able to do this. Even if the default really should be the other way around.

  14. It’s so annoying that you have to install an addon just to bring back such a basic feature. The `View Image` option was there for ages and everybody knew what it did. There was absolutely no point changing it, all that did was break the workflow of pretty much everyone currently using it.

  15. I guess I’m the odd one out but I really appreciate this change, previously I really missed the ability to open image in new tab like every other browser, and was constantly having to duplicate the current tab before doing view image

  16. I agree with this, please bringt it back. I more often want to replace my current tab with the image. Now it always opens in the new tab and I have to manually close the other tab.

  17. Firefox is becoming worse and worse with each new version. One step forward, three steps back. What do I care about cookies and ad targetting protection features if the browser is not comfortable to use ?

    It’s like Mozilla is trying to destroy its own browser and it’s forcing people to look for other browsers.

  18. Why mozilla is so intent on shaping user choices when it advocates the opposite so much. They can just include a menu organizer of their own making and leave that to users, how hard can that be!

  19. People who choose to use Firefox do so because there is more versatility and options. The other browsers seem bare in comparison. Please don’t make Firefox like the other browsers.

  20. Here’s a tip that I haven’t seen mentioned very much.

    You can still open images in a background tab rather than switching to the new tab immediately by holding shift while you middle click, or holding ctrl+shift and left clicking on the new menu item.

    It’s clunkier and more difficult to remember than before, but it does work for opening multiple images in background tabs. I still miss having the ability to easily view images and videos in the same tab, but if you open them in a background tab you can at least immediately close the current tab.

    Best we can get for now without resorting to installing yet another addon.


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