Dear Firefox developers: stop changing shortcuts which users have used on a daily basis for YEARS

* "View Image" gets changed to "Open Image in New Tab"...
* "Copy Link Location" (keyboard shortcut `a`) gets changed to "Copy Link" (keyboard shortcut `l`). You could have **at least** changed it to match Thunderbird's shortcut which is `c`, but *noooooooooo*!

Seriously, developers... does muscle memory mean nothing to you?

Does *common sense* mean nothing to you?

At this point I am 100% convinced Firefox development is an experiment to see how much abuse a once-loyal userbase can take before they abandon software they've used for decades.

**EDIT:** there is already a bug request on Bugzilla to revert the "Copy Link" change. If you want to help revert this change and participate in the "official" discussion, please go here and click the "Vote" button.

**EDIT 2:** here's the discussion for the "open image in new tab" topic:

52 thoughts on “Dear Firefox developers: stop changing shortcuts which users have used on a daily basis for YEARS”

  1. They should focus on real world performance to beat chromium based ones rather than changing their UI elements frequently.

  2. * “View Image” gets changed to “Open Image in New Tab”…

    same for videos…. can we not do that? bad change.

    this is the only reason I came to this reddit – to leave my feedback for this one thing.

  3. Sounds like it’s trying to sound more Chrome like. Not a bad thing necessarily if they want to attract more people, make it easier for them to migrate.

  4. i have a hunch as to why they did that.

    you know what also has “Open Image in New Tab”? Chrome.^and ^Edge.

    except in Chrome it’s “Open image in new tab”, I guess that’s because Chrome isn’t a Britney Spears song title.

  5. This is one of the big issues I was trying to point out in my earlier post. Changing the names, positions and behaviors of shortcuts that have been that way for YEARS is bad UX.

    You are alienating and frustrating existing users. It’s okay to do UI overhauls, but the UX needs to be the largely the same.

  6. Agree, the ones that bother me atm in Nightly are adding “New tab” to the top of context menu specifically when I right click a tab, I got really used to pressing rightclick and leftclick to reload the tab fast, now everything is shifted down one. I just don’t understand why I would right click a current tab to open a new tab.

    Also changing in the same context menu “Undo close tab” to “Reopen closed tab”, U -> O shortcut. I just think Undo in that context has much more sense then “reopen”, since O is usually used as Open shortcut.

    And also in nightly, when right clicking a bookmark or a bookmark folder, you no longer have “Delete”, rather “Remove bookmark/folder”. I feel Delete was just much more clear, but this might be just something to get used to.

  7. The shortcut to the copy link got me pretty bad today.
    They have to at least make a way to maintain the old ones…

    Be able to set yourself would be nice to.

  8. The getting rid of “View Image” in lieu of “Open Image in New Tab” crap really pisses me off. Especially since **all they’ve done is remove functionality**. **The View Image option they removed literally could already open images in new tabs**, you just middle clicked and it would open the image in a new tab. All they’ve done is remove the ability to open images in your current tab without the use of addons, none of which restore the functionality completely (websites that don’t allow offsite linking will 403 with them for example).
    The View Image button was my most used option in the right click menu, by far. I used it all the time, and now it’s gone for no reason. It’s completely screwed up my workflow on a lot of sites. Who asked for this stupid change? What was the point of removing something people have used for years with no way to change it back?

  9. The two that have really annoyed me are:

    * Inserting “Close tabs to the left” above the close to the right
    * “New Tab” above reload

  10. Fully agree, and I’ll take this opportunity to let everyone know I’m still salty about them discontinuing Prism, which I used extensively.

  11. I’ve disabled updates in about:config on 87, after this and the menu ui options changed in the history button a couple updates ago. I’ll jump to the ESR or another browser eventually. This is really obnoxious mozilla – I would put money on Proton failing to increase market share.

  12. > Seriously, developers… does muscle memory mean nothing to you?

    They’re probably all inexperienced and new devs doing these parts, after the last slew of layoffs will have removed all the people who have been working on it before.

    That is to say, no, muscle memory probably genuinely doesn’t mean anything to them.

  13. I keep telling myself that there’s nothing to gain in commenting in this type of conversation, because folks are upset (I get it, really), and hardly interested in understanding why things happen. But here we go. Also, very likely the first and last time I do it.

    I keep reading people complaining about shortcuts. Those are not shortcuts, those are access keys:

    * Shortcuts are things like CTRL+S (or Cmd+S) to save a page. Those (mostly) never change, because it wouldn’t make any sense to do it once you pick one. But they’re also global, which makes things really hard: there are basically none left, which leads to issues like the picture-in-picture using special characters (`]`. `}`) not working in international keyboard layout.
    * Access keys are bound to the label. If the label is `Copy address`, and the access key is “a”, it can’t remain `a` if the label becomes `Copy link`. It would be displayed as `Copy link (a)` in the UI, which is just ugly, and likely confusing for most users (who don’t even know access keys exist, or how they work in the first place).

    The counter argument is “Why changing the label? I want my a back!1!1!”. Those decisions are not made in a vacuum, and they’re based on multiple factors (user testing, parity with other browsers, internal consistency, probably more).

    From the outside things might seem easy: one developer wakes up one morning, and decides to upset a bunch of people just because they can. That’s not how it works, especially in a project the size of Firefox (in terms of codebase and userbase). So, please stop harassing individuals, because they are guilty of pushing the lines of code behind a specific change.

    As someone who’s used this browser for almost 18 years, it’s also extremely hard to get rid of personal bias (“this makes things worse” vs “this is a change, I don’t like change, I want my feature X back”).

  14. They don’t care. They changed how copying text with mouse worked on Linux in FF 75. They made it as broken as it is on windows. People complained, they didn’t give a damn.

  15. The “undo close tab” also became “reopen close tab”.

    Its probably a better name, but after being so used to right-clicking and selecting undo, it takes me a moment to click reopen

  16. Sorry if this is a stupid question, but can someone explain to me what’s so convenient about using shortcuts for ‘Copy Link’/’Copy Link Location’? I never used shortcuts for this and I just tried it. First of all, when I right click a link in Firefox Nightly and press ‘l’, it selects ‘Open Link in New Container Tab’ (from the Multi-Account Containers addon I use). On my machine, I have to press ‘c’ to select ‘Copy Link’ in the context menu. But then I still have to press Return to actually copy the link, which is also on the far right of the keyboard? Also, when I have to press two keys to copy links after right clicking, I might as well just use the mouse? Again, sorry, I never used keyboard shortcuts for this and wonder what’s the big deal…

  17. Seems that Firefox is quite advanced in its transition from a small, user-friendly and configurable and secure Webbrowser to a close sourced, Mozilla organisation centered, unconfigurable insecure webapp. Too bad, it’s lost almost all positive aspects of a good piece of software.
    Being an average user, your needs are currently far better covered in *the other browser*….

  18. Can anyone please tell me if i can reduce the number of columns of shortcut, previously it was at 8 ( when I would open a new tab, I would have 8 easy access sites) but now I don’t know why it’s hard capped at 9. Or maybe I just can’t find how to remove 1 tile, thanks.

  19. I’m firmly in the “don’t change anything unless there’s a damn good reason” camp.

    That is, fix every bug you can and then *no more updates* for the next, oh, fifty or sixty years.

  20. The Mozilla Dev are doing everything right

    \>Makes Firefox (more) competitive by improving the design

    Firefox fanbase:
    How is this going to run on my ATMEGA 16 now???
    C’mon guys it’s a button. A shitty button. And y’all losing your mind over it.

    I can’t wait for everyone here to go completely clinically insane when servo is released.

  21. Vote for a bug? What a waste of time. I did that for the bug with primary selection on Linux in ff 75. Others did it as well, no one cared, they just closed comment section for those bugs.

  22. I am personally okay with both these changes and they make perfect sense to me. “Copy Link location” was always confusing for me and never was able to build a muscle memory on this. Copy Link is just easier and more intuitive. For the “view image” thing, it just become really handy to open the image with a single click instead if combo of click+middle click or crtl+click. I hated it so much when I would misclick “View Image” with main button or without holding ctrl. Now no more of that

  23. What’s a decent alternative because I’ve been drifting farther away from them for a while but don’t know any other browsers that are similar in terms of security.

    Edit: I’m getting downvoted for asking a question. Hahaha

  24. Yes! This latest version has been frustrating. “View Page Info” used to be an easy right click, now I need to use a shortcut or go to the menu.

    Copy Image location…seems to be gone. I Need that function to post memes in forums damn it!

  25. I was talking about shortcuts recently.

    In the past, Ctrl+click or Ctrl+Enter used to open something in a new tab. Now it’s very inconsistent:

    * ctrl+enter on the URL bar opens the link on a new tab

    * alt+enter on the URL bar also opens the link on a new tab

    * ctrl+enter on the search bar opens the results on the current tab

    * alt+enter on the search bar opens the results the link on a new tab

    * ctrl+click a bookmark opens the link on a new tab

    * alt+click a bookmark opens the link on the current tab

    * ctrl+click a link opens the link on a new tab

    * alt+click a link does nothing

  26. Imagine how hard it is to add “Open Image in New Tab” as a new option UNDER “View Image” instead of REPLACING it…
    Must be Rocket Science to the people in charge of making such HORRIFIC, NIGHTMARISH changes…

  27. Thank you
    Thank you
    Thank you
    …for this post. The Copy Link “a” hotkey change is one I’ve been using for years and today was my switch to FF88 and the UI change is driving me absolutely nuts.

  28. The loss of the “a” hotkey to copy links is a massive blow to the usability of Firefox. It was one of the reasons I still used Firefox over Chrome.

    It turns out you can copy links in Chrome with the secret hotkey: E (it’s not listed for some reason). There is no reason for me to stick with Firefox any longer, unfortunately.

  29. Hey, while you’re at it, Mozilla, why not remap the Left key to L, the Right key to R, the Up key to U and the Down key to D?

    ^Just ^^kidding, ^^^please ^^^^don’t…

  30. What a terrible change, I agree. The sad part is I only just learned of the ‘a’ shortcut a few weeks before the update rolled out, so I never even got the chance to develop muscle memory, yet ‘l’ is still objectively worse because it’s all the way on the other side of the keyboard!

    The pinned add-on works great for restoring functionality. Here’s hoping they don’t break that add-on with a future update.

  31. I accidentally deleted a bookmarks folder because of this stupid change.

    “**D**elete” was stupidly replaced with “**R**emove”. Which is right next to “**R**ename”.


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