Why is Google pushing tab groups so hard?

Why is this? Why do they want their users to have to put up with it so badly? Chrome updates, I have to go into flags to turn off tab groups. Chrome updates again, now I have to go into flags and disable a bunch of settings instead of just one now. Google, stop being like Apple.

18 thoughts on “Why is Google pushing tab groups so hard?”

  1. Are they really pushing them? I got one notification per computer and nothing since then.

    Needing to do the flags every time is more of a lazy devs thing.

  2. You know how Microsoft used to say Chrome was spying on you in their Scroogled ad campaign? What data do you think they’re actually collecting, and what do you think they’re doing with it?

    A few times now, UI redesigns in Android Chrome have gone public, at least to part of the population, only to get reverted later. You can be sure that Google is watching carefully to see if this change is actually helping people before deciding whether to keep it.

  3. I really don’t understand why people hate tab groups on Android they are great especially for organizing my tabs so I can have similar things in a folder together it’s significantly better than having to scroll through 20 tabs looking for that one site i need

  4. There’s a [feature request](https://bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=1134900) for an option to enable/disable tab groups.

    Sign-in and click the star icon to register a “vote”

    Also, those flags y’all disabling for tab groups and tab grids are going to [expire](https://chromium.googlesource.com/chromium/src/+/master/chrome/browser/flag-metadata.json) very soon. Some in a month or two and the others likely by the end of the summer.

  5. I think most people here have it backwards. They aren’t trying to engineer your device’s UI. They’re trying to engineer *you*. They have decided in that this works better for them so you *will* use it via nudge theory.

    Though in fairness to Google, they likely aren’t more egregious at it than any of the others.

  6. Because Google is retarded.

    Alphabet Google specifically. The actual Google died in 2015. Different company now, and it shows.

  7. The first time I was able to go back to Classic view… this time I was unable to. I ended up just uninstalling Chrome and now just access Google thru my Samsung internet and can use my beloved card view. HATED the grid – what a pain in the ass !

  8. I don’t know about you but I really like tab grouping on Android. Links opened from a tab are automatically grouped so I don’t have to scroll through numerous tabs to find that one particular tab.

  9. They always do this shit, it was the same with google plus back a couple years ago. Whenever google has a new system finished, even if it’s garbage, they try to force it down everyone’s throat.

    This one’s just so specifically annoying, like google plus accounts, that I think/hope it’ll get removed by the end of the month
    I mean the chrome app went down like 1 full star as a result of this, and I’m switching to another app till they change it back. The tab groups popup slider at the bottom is just too damn distracting


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