Umbrella Admin framwork, first release :)


A month ago, i have created a topic about Admin framework i develop ( [\_have\_created\_an\_admin\_framework\_in\_symfony\_52/]( ).

[Screenshot of Umbrella admin demo \(light mode\)](

I have mainly work on composer dependency / documentation (a little :p) and on skeleton since last post.

You can now use it / test it using skeleton i have created.

Documentation / links is on main repo => []( .

Hope you will enjoy

3 thoughts on “Umbrella Admin framwork, first release :)”

  1. Excellent work! Looking forward to adopt this in our projects. One question though – is there an installation guide without the skeleton / list of changes done in the skeleton?

    The skeleton is impossible to install on existing projects. Maybe flex recipe would be a solution? I can help with that if you need, I’ve already created on recipe for my own bundle.


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