Rails Wizards / Multi Step Forms

Hey all 👋🏻

I've spent the last few weeks investigating the storied history of building a multi-step form / wizard in Rails. Seems like there've been a lot of proposed ways to make the cookie crumble in Rails' long history. I hoped to add clarity to a few means of doing that while investigating my own needs for my specific project... and that turned into a 9-part series on the matter 😁

Thought I'd share and solicit any feedback from folks here! Hopefully it's a net-positive 😊


4 thoughts on “Rails Wizards / Multi Step Forms”

  1. I can’t believe that in my earlier days of Rails programming I came pretty close to doing session-based multi-step forms. What an absolute disaster that would have been. My only criticism of your write up in that section is that the bold and red of “session-persisted-wizards should generally just be avoided.” isn’t bolder and redder! LOL

  2. Thank you so much for this! This is a really well put together piece & I love how you’ve broken it up into parts.

    Reading through, I really like the approach 😀 I totally didn’t know `with_option` in models was a thing :O


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