My cross-browser Spotify web extension hits 10k downloads

I have been working in my free time since 2020 to develop cross-browser Spotify extension which allows controlling music while surfing web. And now, my web extension hits 10k downloads. If you're a fan of Spotify and you don't want switching tab to control your Spotify app, you can check it out here:


It's available on Chrome, Edge & Firefox. Any feedbacks are welcome!!! 😁

4 thoughts on “My cross-browser Spotify web extension hits 10k downloads”

  1. Có phiên bản nào cho chrome 86 không ông? tôi dùng Cent browser họ chỉ mới update tới chrome 86 mà ext nó yêu cầu chrome 88

  2. Nice job! Will check it out. Any resources you recommend for learning more about developing chrome extensions?

  3. Congrats on the milestone! I’m working on a chrome extension myself, release date TBD. Curious what was your journey like marketing. Any channels in particular that you focused on?


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