Doctrine + Symfony is so beautiful!

I recently started doing Spring Boot. I've heard a lot about it and people rave about how it's better than Symfony and all. Man, I already miss Doctrine. Maybe it's because I'm a beginner but Doctrine is so easy and straightforward to understand. JPA just feels so complicated.

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  1. Can’t you use an ORM with Spring Boot ? I personally dislike Doctrine, it’s a very mature and stable tool, but you are not mastering your SQL when you use it. We write SQL where I work, with have a modern tooling around it, just not Doctrine.

  2. Tbh doctrine project itself states that it is inspired by hibernate and from my experience both projects tend to share similar design patterns at most.

    Hibernate has to implement JPA in order to interact with underlying db drivers just like Doctrine has to implement db logic using PDO.

    Both symfony and spring boot at enterprise level pretty much sums up everything scalable application requires out of box. And there are more similarities when you look at architectural and implementation level.

    If you find it hard adapting spring boot, you might need to understand basic concepts like DBAL, DependencyInjection, Container Registry, Router and all the components these frameworks is made of or using the software engineering patterns.

    Spring boot is similar to symfony flex, where packages are pre selected for you. Spring on other hand consists of packages that you can use, just like Symfony components. They are heavily influenced by each other trying to bring best design patterns in both php and java eco system.

    At the end winner is the developers who use them interchangeably, switching technologies comes at cost while this eliminates the hard barrier that one has to learn, like .Net Core is so different than these technologies and one has to learn programming patterns, framework runtime before adopting it.
    It’s called “Technology” because implementation can vary from language to language but interface remains same just like how we interact with databases across languages.

  3. Used to love it but not anymore as you can see the limitations of it. Very slow on big insertions for example, and it becomes a pain in the ass to replicate advanced SQL in it.


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