After 3 months of learning django, I finally made my idea into an actual product!

From learning how to write views to deploying my first website. Its definitely been a journey!


feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Github is now open sourced: [](

22 thoughts on “After 3 months of learning django, I finally made my idea into an actual product!”

  1. Nice! Keep up the efforts. With every release you get one step closer to exactly where you envision you project.

    Django and many great features you should use them!

    Also, get some friends to use it and record their session so you can see challenges that exist for your users.

  2. Very cool! I’m on the same path, 1 month learning django and building a project. What did you use for the front end? It looks really good!

  3. Hi, I’m not able to tell what this website is about as a potential user (at least without registering). Do we open webcams with others to replicate a library environment? Do we send questions to each other? Do we just keep track of each other? Do we chat? What is this about? Best wishes.

  4. Congrat! The site looks good in general. However, there is a weird scroll bar next to the profile picture. I guess the overflow property is not set well in css.

  5. Hella thanks for posting this, awesome idea. I only built total trash in django before hopped into wagtail to build my first project (also finished it in a few months, [deployed here]( , plan to open-source it and make reusable). In one week I will finish my first big django project and submit it as a bachelor’s finals project.

    Yours is neato ! Did you have any IT experience before this ?
    How good were you ?
    Also how much time had you spent on studying django/python beforehand ?
    And how much time daily did you spent on the project ?

    UI/UX feedback:
    \-hard to understand what group-muted and group-camera-off mean in group search form. -Also what Group link means.
    \-search says “max buddies” but displays only groups with particular quantity (ex. if you put “max 20” it won’t show groups of 10)
    \-having webcams but no mics is a weird thing, but not sure how i’d go about it

    I see you open sourced this project, I’d love to check it out and maybe help out in future, esp since I would also Love using it. How would you prefer to cowork? Trello maybe? PM me!

    Having peers and mentors is the largest upside of bootcamps/universities and I totally wasted it. Maybe next feature could be “offer teaching to a group” and “trade teaching”. User accounts could then have public urls that display which lessons they taught and comments from students/peers, could be a fleshy thing to put on a CV.

  6. Hello, can you let me know what tutorial that you see to deploy the app? because it is quite difficult to deploy channel to https


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