What Django *Project* template do you use?

Hey guys I am starting a new project and I don't want to copy my current project, find and replace, etc.

What are you favorites Django **Project** templates?

django-admin.py startproject --template ...

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  1. Wow I always spend so much time setting everything up on a new django projects. The db configuration, deployment settings, static files serving, and so much more and didn’t realize there are templates we could use to save us all that needless effort. For learning purposes I’d say is good, otherwise there’s no reason to go through it many more times. Thanks for the question, I found something very useful in the comments .

  2. Hey!

    Tried many templates, but some were bloated and others had project structure I didn’t like.

    Ended up making Djangitos which is simple template where settings and requirements represent what is common for projects I’ve built in last 6 years.


    Still works needs to be done on documentation though.

    Procfile, s3, SES, celery, etc.

    And instead of proper documentation I wrote a tutorial where this template is being built from scratch, explaining every line and reasons behind decisions.


    Hope this helps.

    Have a great day.

  3. I typically start a new project from scratch and then look at another recent project that I’ve done in another window to check if I should add anything.


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