4 thoughts on “docktor – A tool for generating health checks and improving security for running Docker containers and images”

  1. Hey everyone, just thought that I would share my first open source project in go here!. docktor is a tool for generating health checks and reporting on the security of docker containers.

    The project uses the docker api to attach health checks on a given container, heal an unhealthy container, apply auto healing to a container, scan for vulnerabilities in a container, and suggest improvements to a docker file. I used the cobra library to make it a CLI tool so you can just run the executable in the command line/terminal but I also added a web server command so you can have it running in the background and make requests to it.

    If you like the project, do be sure to leave a star on GitHub at [https://github.com/nishgowda/docktor](https://github.com/nishgowda/docktor) and leave any kind of feedback at all! Also, if you’d like to contribute or just have any ideas, be sure to post an issue or submit a PR. Thanks!

  2. What’s exactly the meaning of healing a container?
    Do you simply restart it or does the user have to provide a script to be executed on the unhealthy container?

  3. I’m a little bit of a newb so these may be dumb questions.

    How does it determine health? Connect to a port and check for a string?

    Does it work with non-web service containers?

    Is it a daemon that runs consistently, or commands that can be run by cron?

    What kind of security checks does it do?


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