Fast-Docker: Docker Tutorial, Cheatsheet, Sample Usage Scenarios (HowTos)

Containerize your Flask Application with Docker! Docker can be used to create portable applications and independent environments. Using Docker Containers, applications can easily run on Cloud Environments (AWS, GCP, Azure).

This repo aims to cover Docker details (Dockerfile, Image, Container, Commands, Volumes, Docker-Compose, Networks, Swarm, Stack) fastly, and possible example usage scenarios (HowTo: Applications) in a nutshell. Possible usage scenarios are aimed to update over time.

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Quick Look (HowTo)

* [App: Python App - Flask: Creating First Docker Image and Container using Docker File](
* [App: Binding Volume to the Different Containers](
* [App: Binding Mount to the Container](
* [App: Docker-Compose File - Creating 2 Different Containers: WordPress Container depends on MySql Container](
* [App: Creating Docker Swarm Cluster With 5 PCs using PlayWithDocker : 3 x WordPress Containers and 1 x MySql Container using Docker-Compose File](
* [App: Running Docker Free Local Registry, Tagging Image, Pushing Image to the Local Registry, Pulling Image From Local Registry and Deleting Images from Local Registry](
* [App: Transferring Content between Host PC and Docker Container](
* [Docker Commands Cheatsheet](

Table of Contents

* [Motivation](
* [Needs](
* [Benefits](
* [Problems Docker does not solve](
* [What is Docker?](
* [Architecture](
* [Installation](
* [Docker Engine (Deamon, REST API, CLI)](
* [Docker Registry and Docker Hub](
* [Docker Command Structure](
* [Docker Container](
* [Docker Volumes/Bind Mounts](
* [Docker Network](
* [Docker Log](
* [Docker Stats/Memory-CPU Limitations](
* [Docker File](
* [Docker Image](
* [Docker Compose](
* [Docker Swarm](
* [Docker Stack / Docker Service](
* [Play With Docker](
* [Docker Commands Cheatsheet](
* [Other Resources](
* [References](

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