E-commerce website tutorial (Vue.js + Django / Django Rest Framework) – 3 hour video on FreeCodeCamp

Hi everyone πŸ˜€
My first video on FreeCodeCamp has just been published. It's a (almost) 3 hour long course where you learn how to build an e-commerce website from scratch.

Django Rest Framework is used to build the API and backend. The frontend is a separate Vue project. To handle the payments, we implement Stripe.

If you want to watch it, you can find it here:

You can even see a demo of the final product here:

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15 thoughts on “E-commerce website tutorial (Vue.js + Django / Django Rest Framework) – 3 hour video on FreeCodeCamp”

  1. Oh hey there dude, awesome video, following it. I have experience using Django, but very little when it comes to npm, node and stuff( I’m happier just with vanilla JS). I have a question, how can I import the RTL version of Vilma from node? Thank you

  2. Will definitely check this out! Love to see a login on the demo, may I ask how you handled authentication/authorization (a perennial topic on this subreddit)?

  3. Any plans on a dockerization video?
    E.g. how to run this project on docker and how to deploy.
    Not many tutorials on how to dockerize an existing project (Django+vue).


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