Guys I finally solved the bug! First time deploying

Guys I'm so happy right now, I just solved some bugs during my blog deployment on heroku. I have encountered the bugs for some days now and I solved it so happy. Some of the bugs I solved:
Static file serving with whitenoise.
Heroku wasn't accepting my card so I decided to try my sister's card after a day and it worked.
Image not showing after a while so I used cloudinary to store my images.
Unable to set debug to false so I set logging and collect static files.
This post might not be neccessary but I'm so happy so I decided to share.
Link to my blog:
I haven't written an article yet but I just wanted to deploy it and get motivated to finish up. Then post articles.
Also suggestions on where I can get domain name for cheap.

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  1. congrats u/faithade! make sure to document how you solved your problems so next time you won’t waste as much time as now, specially with static files, they can be pretty annoying xD


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