What does it take to be a Django freelancer?

So I'm reaching the stage where I'm feeling like I'm ready to start applying for jobs utilizing Django. So far, I'm familiar with:

* JavaScript (beginner/intermediate)
* Python/Django (beginner/intermediate)
* Sass (beginner)

What other skills are needed to competently freelance?

3 thoughts on “What does it take to be a Django freelancer?”

  1. I recommend to get familiar with git and deployment. If you can work with APIs that also can be beneficial.

    Where are you planning to look for jobs?

  2. Able to be able to take a website from concept to deployment. Nobody cares about the tech stack as long as long as it meets client expectations.

  3. Ability to communicate. If a client asks where you are on a project, you’d better be able to explain. You also need to be proactive – if something comes up or goes wrong, let them know.

    Ability to understand that what a client *actually* wants is rarely what they say they want.

    Ability to work quickly *and competently*, under pressure, to a deadline.

    Ability to not be a complete turd and leave a pile of shit for the next guy who has to come in and clean up your mess because you got paid and moved on so who cares, right?


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