awesome-compose: Docker Compose samples curated by Docker

I thought the r/docker subreddit might be interested in this project I just found!

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8 thoughts on “awesome-compose: Docker Compose samples curated by Docker”

  1. Nice! Question about the **WordPress docker-compose file**:

    If I’m reading it correctly, the WordPress portion of the docker-compose file doesn’t provide any persistence. So these would be truly temporary sites. Once they are brought down, anything written to the DB could remain, but any plugins, media, etc. added would be lost. Is this correct?

  2. Can I make a wish? 🙂 I’m looking for an exemplary setup of gitlab or gitea with jenkins, where the jenkins must be able to build using docker images.

    Been trying this for a while with not much success 🙁

  3. Given I only looked at a few, but I wish they were a little…juicier? For example, including things like localstack for emulating aws local, examples of waiting for services to come up or resources to become available, overriding an entry point for local development, etc.

    These are just the same thin 101 example file repeated over and over. Far from what I’d call “awesome”

  4. If anyone is looking for more opinionated and feature complete examples (web, worker, db, cache, webpack, setting up CI, production ready assets, tests, lots of docs, etc.) I’ve been putting together a bunch of Docker Compose examples here:

    I plan to add a lot more too and have mechanisms in place to mostly automate keeping them up to date. Most of them are taken from production deploys since I do contract work and the clients I work with are are cool with me open sourcing general patterns that come from real world usage.

    I also gave a 30 minute live demo last week at the Docker all-hands online event going over most of the patterns in detail. The video isn’t up yet on Docker’s YouTube channel but when it is I’ll add a link to it from the talk’s repo at:


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