My recommendation to learn Django

Here Are the resources I used to learn Django.

First step,

This three books 📚 (I highly recommend those I didn’t found anything near to the quality of those)

By William Vincent:

Django for Beginners:

Django for APIs:

Django for Professionals:



About the author:
William Vincent is a Board Member of the Django Software Foundation and founder of He hosts the weekly Django Chat podcast and runs the weekly Django News newsletter.

After those books I just jumped into the CRM of Dennis Ivanov (AKA Dennis Ivy)

His channel:

The playlist with the CRM:

This guy also has high quality videos:


Django girls:

Corey Schafer: (can be little outdated but the concepts still work. He does a lot general python but this Django playlist is worth it ):

These are the resources I used to learn Django and web dev in general + unlimited google how to search.

Hope that will help😎👍🏻

16 thoughts on “My recommendation to learn Django”

  1. Cool thanks. FreeCodeCamp has like a 3+ hour video over the basics of django which is what I used to get familiar with it.

  2. In the Django for APIs book, is the authentication it covers for separate and detached front end from backend? Specifically using session based auth. Don’t want to go the route of embedded frontend frame works in a Django template.

  3. Great list. Don’t forget what is arguably the most important, accurate, and up to date resource: [](

    Downside of non-official tutorials is that they quickly become out of date, don’t usually talk about which version of Django/Python is being used, and don’t teach the ‘basics’ of Django/Python that help students learn how to debug issues for themselves.

  4. Lots of resources! Nice!
    The best way tho is really doing it.

    W r i t i n g c o d e

    Nothing will beat this. Try and try again. You don’t need to succeed to succeed! Trying is learning


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