Build These 5 Django Projects to Improve Your Skills

Here are 5 different projects you can build using Django to improve your skills. The first project is really simple, and then the other projects will build on the things you already have learned while learning even more.

Project 1 = Blog
Project 2 = Note taking app
Project 3 = Django Rest Framework (Todo app)
Project 4 = Social network
Project 5 = E-commerce website

I made a little video (4 min) where I talk about these five different projects and add links to where you can find tutorial for each of them.

Interested in watching the video?

3 thoughts on “Build These 5 Django Projects to Improve Your Skills”

  1. After 8 years, I’ve given up using Django. Once you get past “toy” apps like todo lists, it gets ridiculously complicated and you end up having to read the source code (which isn’t easy to figure out). Django is NOT for people with deadlines.


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