Django e-commerce website with multiple vendors – YouTube tutorial series

I made a video series a little bit over a month a go called "Django e-commerce website with multiple vendors". It's a little bit over 3 hours long and it's become one of my most popular series.

In this series, you will learn how to use Django to build a basic e-commerce website, implement Stripe and let people sign up (become vendors) to it and sell their own products.

The series starts by installing the software we need, and I finish it by deploying it to a live server.

If you want to see the demo: [\_NE0](

Complete playlist: [\_NE0&list=PLpyspNLjzwBkeyP\_4\_bZBdtRjZQreDR\_H](

I would love to get some ideas for features I can expand this with. What would be cool to see in an e-commerce website like this?

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