GUIDE – How to set up Stripe Billing (subscriptions) with Django

Setting up a subscription system with Stripe + Django can be quite tricky - here's a guide on making architecture decisions when setting Stripe Billing up for the first time!

Scroll down to see an example!


4 thoughts on “GUIDE – How to set up Stripe Billing (subscriptions) with Django”

  1. That is the single best blog tutorial I’ve ever read. Everything is explained from the ground up so someone with no knowledge of API or stripe can understand the whole way through. Good job!

  2. With that approach it looks like you have the burden of constantly having to keep the stripe database and django database in sync. I would hate to have to reconcile discrepancies between a local database of products and stripe. I’ve had to build a django ecommerce system with stripe and we did it differently. We made stripe the authority on all prices and products and customer records and only kept enough information for logins and passwords and nothing else.


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