🚀Launched my Social Network!! (built with Django in 1 month)

Hey guys,

Last month I built a Social Network in 1 Month and [did a daily coding vlog](https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTie5mW5tLZ5S9gjq0VpMs-R1XpIuCrzX) on YouTube to show the progress and open source. Well today is the launch day! If you guys want to be matched 1 time per week to speak with someone then head on over to [https://chitterchat.com/](https://chitterchat.com/) and sign up.

Disclaimer: Currently you'll need to have a Twitter account as we need to verify you're an actual person (to keep creeps off the platforms). Will be adding new methods of onboarding in the future too.

Also [just launched on ProductHunt](https://www.producthunt.com/posts/chitterchat) \- would appreciate any support there too!



\*\* Edit - you don't need Twitter to sign up 🙂 Will manually verify people who come on without Twitter

13 thoughts on “🚀Launched my Social Network!! (built with Django in 1 month)”

  1. >Twitter account as we need to verify you’re an actual person (to keep creeps off the platforms)

    that must be a very effective anti-creep guard

  2. It’s pretty cool! I have signed up :)) A quick question – did you use Django Signals to verify the tweet and skip the waitlist? I am trying to implement a similar mechanism with my website ([https://xonimo.com](https://xonimo.com)) and would be great to hear your thoughts and help :))

  3. Wow i am amazed to see this project , and that you have created this in one month.
    I just learned basics of django and deployed my first little website on heroku.
    Will definitely watch your series to adapt your technique!
    This was mine btw

  4. Awesome work. I have a question though. How do you deal with scalability ? I mean a growing number of users ? Thank you so much for sharing.

  5. Super cool to see you follow through with the project, from start to finish, while also documenting on YouTube! I followed much of your progress on YouTube. Keep us posted on how this project goes and any future projects you work on.

  6. Unfortunately this “social network” lacks a multitude of basic technical features. One of which being data security.

    Navigating to https://api.chitterchat.com/groups/ exposes the eMail addresses of all registered users (and allows unauthenticated POST requests).

    Furthermore the stack is vulnerable at multiple points; like reverse shells via data uploads or not having a proper TXT-SPF record configured for the domain.

    After all a very cool idea and it looks great (congratz on your first rollout!), but this is a prime negative example of how throwing something together *quickly* just to impress people on the internet, without putting in the work to understanding the underlying fundamentals can backfire quickly & be dangerous for everyone involved. Especially since the issue with the API mentioned above has been made known to /u/isaacgeorgejoy 2 weeks prior.

  7. How long did it take you to build the backend vs building the frontend? I know base JS but I dont know any of its frameworks right now and really need to get a move on


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